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"Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold..."

Location: Falls Church, Virginia, United States

I have a lot more questions than answers, but I just keep asking. I constantly want to leave, but somehow manage to stay. I am both perfectly happy and completely miserable because of it. I think I am misunderstood but that could just be a huge misunderstanding, either way I guess the best way to put it is, "I ain't often right, but I've never been wrong."


Disappearing Acts

No, I am not gone just yet. Although, I have had plenty of things going on lately, none of which I have found time to write about. It’s a shame but I go on these cold streaks where I just can not put down coherent thoughts. Even now my mind is scrambled. Actually, I have not been thinking about the present moment very much this week. Leaving for Vegas in less than 24 hours can do that to you I guess. The past couple of weeks, starting right around Christmas are probably the most worthless I have ever been, it is certainly the least time I have spent in the moment. My head has been elsewhere almost the entire time. I was trying to train someone at work today and I just kept giving them things to do so I could read practice reports. I am obsessed and I still need tickets to the game. So much to do the day or so before a trip it is always stressful for me. Anyway, here are some random thoughts I have been having lately.

- I wonder what silence sounds like? I guess it would sound like nothing at all, but I am always thinking so much my head even starts to hurt. One time as a matter of fact I had to drop a class in college because we started out every session by meditating. The silence of it all disturbed me so much that instead of feeling light and clear afterward I felt heavy and sluggish. I guess you could say my mind is like a dog chasing its tale, always running around in circles no matter how much I try to make it stop.
- At my Passover Seder that I cooked all by myself, I forgot to mention that some lovely ladies provided some great desserts and the dinner would not have been the same without them.
- My New Years plans got totally thrown out the window. I was supposed to be at a party, but when push came to shove I just couldn’t get up off the floor. Literally, instead of getting up and getting ready I just sat on the floor watching TV. Eventually, I got up and celebrated with a few friends but never made it to the big party.
- The OC has been cancelled, which sucks, as this has been the best season yet. Still, we have 8 more episodes to enjoy and then find something else to take its place. Not that I need anymore shows.

And I am done packing, so its time to sleep. Next step Vegas, then Glendale.


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