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Mid-Season Review

With most TV shows going on hiatus I figured it was time to take a look back at the season so far. It really has been a good one.

Shows I really tried to like

Jericho – Great concept, but when Skeet Ulrich is the star its really hard to take a show seriously so I gave up on it. It did remind me of the Stand in the way it looked and felt but I just couldn’t get into it.

Lost – I tried, but only made it through 2 episodes before my interest once again waned. This one actually hurt because I loved season 1. Then about halfway through season 2 the show seemed to lose focus and my interest level dropped. Going into this season it looked really exciting and after one episode I thought I was hooked but after 2 episodes it was over and I was watching One Tree Hill instead.

Shows I am still giving a shot but might be on the way out

Studio 60 – I keep watching every week but I think its just habit because I am already watching NBC at the time. And every week I watch the show and at the end get the same feeling, “eh, that was ok”.

Bones – Another habit show. I started watching because it was after House and now that it isn’t I just record it and throw it on in the background when I do other things. Sure I keep recording and occasionally I even pay attention but it hasn’t been as good as it was in the past and I don’t like the new casting.

Numbers – It’s on Friday nights so I never watch it when it’s on and since it’s on the DVR I keep watching but it really isn’t anything special. Still I will keep recording and keep watching hoping they put out some good episodes the rest of the way.

Shows that are new favorites

Heroes – So far this has been right up there with my old favorites. The storylines are great, the characters are intriguing and it is finally coming together. I can’t wait for this one to come back in six weeks.

Friday Night Lights – For a show based on a movie I hated I could not be more surprised at how good this show is. I love it, I think they do a great job of combining all the elements of small town life, big time football and being a high school kid. It all just keeps getting better.

Shows that are going strong

House – I hate the new cop angle but the rest of the show is as good as ever. The drama between House and his coworkers is tense and the cases are always interesting.

Veronica Mars – The rapist storyline was a little odd but Kristen Bell is fantastic and the show has been very tight and running strong for the new CW.

One Tree Hill – The most ridiculous show on TV, last week it featured an 18 year old having a heart attack and his half brother’s pregnant wife getting hit by a car. All of this takes place in the high school of the town where the mayor killed his brother and the high school basketball star shaved points. And I didn’t even mention the stalker or the teacher-student sex scandal or the school shooting or the druggy mom. Simply great television

Las Vegas – Another extremely ridiculous show based on a casino in an over the top town. The show doesn’t do a lot but what it does it does well.

Grey’s Anatomy – I hate Burke and Cristina and even dislike Meredith and Sheppard sometimes but over all the show, and its cast, is still one of the best on TV. Plus Alex and Izzie make a great pair, but I am really looking forward to the Alex and Addison story arc.

Shows that are better than ever

Smallville – Admittedly this is my favorite show on television and it has been for some time. When I first saw the show I was visiting one of my best friends at NYU and stayed up all night watching one episode after another. This season we are so close to Clark being Superman that you can almost taste it. Plus the show has given more air time to Chloe, a great character and actress, and they are bringing in great guest characters from the DC universe. If you are comic fan or just a lover of super heroes this show is at its best right now and you should not be missing it.

OC – For two years I refused to watch this show, claiming it was a second rate 90210, but a lot of my friends were hooked and so one winter I watched the first 2 seasons in maybe a total of 5 days. Since then I have been hooked even though last season sucked I kept watching. Well it paid off with this season so far. Just about every move they have made so far has been great; Taylor and Ryan, Caitlin and Julie, Summer the hippie and even the addition of that Che character. All amazing moves and a show that is completely revitalized and no longer bogged down by dumb Mischa Barton.

Clearly, I watch too much TV but with DVR making it so easy to record and watch all the great shows that are on television I don’t know what I would do without it. So, that is how I feel about the TV season so far. During hiatus I will have to find something to do so if someone could recommend a good show to give a shot on DVD I would appreciate it, after all that is how I first got into this mess.


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