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This is not a College Football blog

Although over the next couple of weeks it may look that way. Just as it is not a college basketball blog but certainly looked that way in March and April.

This is what happens when you are a fan of a team in the hunt for National Titles. In the Spring I actually lost my voice for a month cheering the for the Gator Basketball team. A few weeks ago I sprained my ankle cheering for the Gator Football team, being a fan is a rough life. But, it is also so damn exciting.

Starting last Thursday night the college football landscape has completely opened up and now there are a ton of teams and scenarios to watch. The Gators don’t entirely control their destiny but if they keep winning I am not sure they can be held out of a trip to the desert in January.

But until the regular season is over all the talk is really just pointless. Look at what has happened in the past four days and you will know that there is a lot of football left to play. Texas lost, Auburn lost, Louisville lost, Cal lost, it was one of those weekends that makes this sport so exciting. And it is also why Gator fans can keep talking Fiesta Bowl but the Gator team has 3 games left to play.

Here is what we can look forward to over the next couple of weeks for the Gators:

Senior Day vs. Western Carolina – They are a 1AA school who will not really have any chance but it will be senior day so expect to see the Seniors get their playing time early and hopefully turn it over to the younger guys for most of the game. It will be a good week to rest up some of the walking wounded and get a nice mental break before a rivalry game.

FSU – Even in a down year this game can not be taken lightly. I will be up in Tally for this one so I am really hoping for a good showing. That and I cant stand my sister after they win. The Noles do look like crap but you cant take them lightly at all.

SECCG – Our first trip to Atlanta since 2000 and we will most likely be playing a very good Arkansas team. They looked really good running the ball against Tennessee last night and our defense looks like it took a huge hit by losing Marcus Thomas. By this game a lot of things can unfold and if the Gators hold course and win out they have a great chance to be playing for the MNC. If that doesn’t fire you up nothing will.


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