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I have a lot more questions than answers, but I just keep asking. I constantly want to leave, but somehow manage to stay. I am both perfectly happy and completely miserable because of it. I think I am misunderstood but that could just be a huge misunderstanding, either way I guess the best way to put it is, "I ain't often right, but I've never been wrong."



Remember the opening scene from Dogma when Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are sitting in the airport just watching people? That’s sometimes how I feel. Over the past ten years I have been on hundreds of flights. I spend countless hours checking in and waiting for bags and going through security. And if I am not doing the flying myself there is a good chance I have someone that needs a ride from the airport. Right now I am sitting at Dulles waiting for my flight home for Thanksgiving thinking back on all the times I have been here*. And you know what I miss? I miss the times when you could meet people at the gate. The first time I flew into this airport I was a senior in high school coming to see a girl. I always loved that moment just outside the gate. The one where there was always so much joy, any crap that happened before didn’t matter, nothing really mattered because in that moment you were reconnected with the people you wanted to see. But airports are a funny place, the memories they give are tied to both happy and sad for they may bring the people you love to you but they also take them away. I must have said that a hundred times in airports saying goodbye to someone after a visit that felt too short. I don’t say it very often anymore because we also can’t have that very sad goodbye at the gate. I used to love those too. On this flight I have no one to sadly say goodbye to anyway, and no one to embrace on my arrival, not the way I used to anyway. And this is another thing airports can do to you, they bring up old memories long forgot.

So maybe they are a little more sad than happy or maybe not. I don’t really know. I just know that when you have a little time in an airport your mind can wander to very interesting places and things you didn’t even realize you missed become sad images of your past.

*This was written in the airport but posted after my flight.


Blogger Asian Mistress said...

Kind of like that opening scene in Love Actually with all the happy people at the airport... :)

11:19 AM  
Blogger Leaf said...

I've never seen that movie. It is in the category of movies that a single guy can never see actually.

11:35 AM  

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