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"Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold..."

Location: Falls Church, Virginia, United States

I have a lot more questions than answers, but I just keep asking. I constantly want to leave, but somehow manage to stay. I am both perfectly happy and completely miserable because of it. I think I am misunderstood but that could just be a huge misunderstanding, either way I guess the best way to put it is, "I ain't often right, but I've never been wrong."


Work gets in the way of blogging

Since I got home from Florida I have had things bouncing around through my head that I wanted to write about. But my new project has been keeping me busy and getting back into a flow where I can find time to sit down and write has been hard. There are things I haven’t done that I keep meaning to but I really hope that maybe over the weekend or soon I will get to them.

I need to upload my pictures from camping and from Florida.
I would also like to post some of them and actually talk a little more about the rest of my trip down there. Although you got the highlight in the trip to the Greenbrier I did more than just go to titty bars.
With the holidays coming up I am sure there is something I will want to write about that, someone recently said something to be about Christmas morning and I have been meaning to write out the thought process that ensued but I haven’t done it yet.
Anyway, I just wanted to put up something today and sort of leave it there as a reminder of the things I have been meaning to get to but keep forgetting.
But, I think for now I am just gonna go enjoy having my car back and try to get out of the office a little early today.

Scrubs is back tonight by the way, so watch it.


I’m the target

But I’m not the only one. I can’t walk into stores or watch TV anymore because I fall for all of it. The marketers and the ad people have me pegged. For instance yesterday I went to Wal-Mart for soap, walked right by a DVD display and bought two. But not only did I buy two DVD’s I got the two disc special editions. Total cost for a trip to buy soap $48. But I didn’t stop there, at the grocery store I bought Fiji water because I like the square water bottles, I also like the big Smart water bottles even though I really don’t think they are much different than any other kind of water. Someday I will have to get this under control but for now I am gonna just enjoy my new movies and the good news that I got today when I realized the cable company added ESPN2 to the HD package.


Something's in life are guaranteed

And I guarantee this guy still feels this hit.

I feel so honored

Today has been a nice, long day. It was my first day back in the office, first day back in VA and instead of writing about that I am writing about an anonymous jackass who liked to leave stupid comments on my last post. Well, I don't do this to be bothered by people too cowardly to even sign there name so no more anon comments. It really is a shame, not that my blog got that many comments anyway, so I guess I do kind of feel honored to have my own little troll stopping in.


9 Days Later

I am getting ready to head to the airport so I can return to NoVa and get back to normalcy. And it has been one busy vacation for me. Over the last 9 days I have done just about everything I set out to when I decided to come down here. I went to ale house, la spades, char-hut, and publix. I saw Christine, Nicole, Jenn, Jess, and my Mom a few times. I saw the Gators play and I spent time with my sister. And after all that I still managed to catch some stomach bug in Tallahassee and throw up after the game, I am fairly certain it was not the Jim Beam this time. So, after 9 days, lots of food, a Gator football game, some beautiful weather, a strip club, a horror movie and more bad nights sleep than I can count I am finally ready to go back home and actually step foot in my office tomorrow. Just two flights left to go.


On My Way to see the Gators Play

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was interesting and delicious, I am still full now. But I am leaving early in the morning for Tallahassee so to everyone, enjoy the holiday weekend and get in your fill of football. It will all be over so soon. And it makes me sad that I wait all spring and summer for the football season to start and now we only have 3 more games. Some fans don't even have 3 more, so enjoy the ones you do have.

To everyone who stops in here occasionally Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the weekend and try to avoid the mall.

Giving Thanks

It is Thanksgiving and I think it is customary for people to say what they are giving thanks for. And while I am thankful for many things I just can’t think of one to write about or even a list to make. This happens to me every year, when families go around the table and say something they are thankful for I never know what to say and end up saying something totally trivial. Or worse I say something that I find funny but no one else gets, that happens to me a lot actually. But, right now I am sitting alone watching the Dolphins game as my Mom is at home getting ready and my friends are cooking dinner so I am thinking about what I am happy for. And today, despite the fact that my friends and family have created the perfect storm (they all have dogs and take me to strip clubs and smoking lounges) to induce an asthma attack I realized of all things I am most thankful for modern medicine. I know that seems like a cold answer when most people will say they are thankful for their families and friends and all that. So just hear me out, modern medicine has saved my life, made it possible. Who knows how long I would have lived if I was born 50 years ago, who knows what my life would have been like at all. Despite having asthma since I was about 2 years old I haven’t missed out on anything in my life because of it. There have been many scares including spending too many days in children’s ICU a dozen or so years ago, but none of that stopped me from being like any other kid. Sure I carried an inhaler and took allergy medicine, I always had to be careful when others were carefree but I still did it all. And without the medicines and the great doctors that I have seen throughout my life I don’t think I would have been able to be an average American kid.

An average American kid is all I could have ever hoped to be and for that the person I am most thankful for is my Mom. Without her pushing me to not let my illness hold me back maybe those medicines would not have mattered. Without her to make sure I always had an inhaler with me when I went to play football or baseball or ride bikes I might not have made it home one of those days. Without her taking the time and money to make sure I saw the right doctors and that I got my prescriptions filled my life would have been limited so much more. Without her paying for my Advair when I didn’t have insurance I would have had to stop taking the medicine that finally has controlled my asthma to the point where it is an afterthought. I still take medicine everyday but now it is just a small part of my life and thanks to my Mom I am here today and I never forget to take to my medicine. I guess that makes me just as cheesy as everyone else today.


Strip Clubs and Smoking Lounges

Last night I was treated to some of South Florida’s finest establishments. To be more specific I was in Pompano last night at the Greenbrier. The brier describes itself as a smoking lounge and they aren’t lying. Honestly, it was probably a bad idea to go just because of all the smoke but with the retired strippers and the too ugly to be strippers behind the bar how could I not see this place for myself. When Christine and I walked in we were greeted by a collection of truckers and other blue collar workers who were probably regulars. The wall of smoke hits you immediately, it is the first thing you notice, but the second thing was one of the ugliest woman bartenders I have ever seen, and if that wasn’t enough she was not entirely dressed. Since she was running the front bar we had no choice but to purchase drinks from her, but we didn’t stay at that bar long. Once the other people who were meeting us arrived we took a nice spot at the back bar that was being handled by two possibly 40 year olds, one that might have been attractive ten years ago, but was still making decent money on her 5 year old boobs. The other 40+ bartender also had fake boobs but might not have always been a woman, I’d rather not think about that much more. Anyway, the drinks were cheap, really cheap and it was really chill. All the bartenders walking around picking up their tips with their tits, one even managing to pick up quarters off the bar, that was impressive. So, we drank, Christine smoked, and we drank some more. Jager bombs lead to bad decision making and as the night wore on the booby tricks at the brier got old and the other guys in our crew apparently were in the mood for more.

So, here is where the strip club comes into the story. After leaving the brier instead of going home as would have been smart we went to the Cheetah. What a great strip club name by the way. Now, I do not generally like strip clubs, they make me feel uncomfortable, there is something so false about the whole thing. It is not that I necessarily have a problem with strippers but I just don’t like the scene so much. And somehow I ended up touching every stripper and cocktail waitress there. It is amazing what I will do for a free beer. Here is what went down there, one of us got a shady massage, but at least he kept his shirt on, while the fat old dude at the table next to us did not. One of the girls bought a lap dance for another girl and for the guy she is dating, that was awkward, then someone bought me a lap dance as well. In the midst of all this excitement and continued beverage consumption I am propositioned by a man in a tuxedo. This mysterious man who served me a free beer asked me to simply stand on stage and help the girls walk down the stairs as they are introduced, it was like being an usher at a very trashy wedding. But, I think I did an awesome job at it, I smiled, made eye contact and made sure to handle each girl differently, some liked a firm hand as they walked down the steps, and others just wanted to keep moving. A few said thanks and a few smiled back, so I’d like to think if the Cheetah was hiring for this position I would get asked back for an interview.

Since we skipped dinner the night ended at Taco Bell. I could not think of a better way to spend my one real night out in South Florida. Tonight I will be relaxing and staying in, tomorrow I will celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends and I will be dressed as a punk. I will probably drink too much wine and end up not doing much after the meal. Then it is off to Tallahassee to watch the Mighty Gators take on the Seminoles.

If anyone found this post by searching for tits, booby tricks or strip clubs I apologize that there are no pictures and that the story is probably not what you were looking for. Maybe next time.


The Place to be

After graduating from high school and everyone had gone there way it was a given that every Thanksgiving you would see everyone again. For us in Florida there was always a place to go that you just knew would be packed with old friends that you had not seen in a while. When I was in college it was always Riverfront, now I think it is Hard Rock. But still, it is a given that the night after Thanksgiving you can find anyone that you want to bump into outside some club at one of these places. I have since learned my lesson that going is a bad idea and I have not been in years. The reason why is that in the 5 or 6 months from graduation to my first Thanksgiving in college I had literally forgotten peoples names. I had also apparently forgot what they looked like too as I introduced myself to a girl I had known since about 7th grade. Over the years it has become more than just not remembering people, it is also that I just don’t want to see people as bad as I used to. I still keep in touch with all the people I care to see. But for a few years there going to Riverfront was a blast, even if I did not remember who people were.

I wonder if it is like this for young people everywhere. Do the kids from Long Island or Alexandria have a Thanksgiving hangout? Is there a spot that you just have to be if you want to be seen when you come home for a visit? I always think about that and it reminds me of another thing that happened in high school. I was dating a girl that I had met in Israel; she didn’t live in Florida but would come visit. And on her visits I rarely went to class, we usually would go to the beach or something. On one visit we were walking up to the beach on a random Friday and there were maybe 50 kids from my senior class just hanging out. She commented on how cool that was, but it was never something I ever thought about. There were a lot of things like that down here, you could often lose track and stop taking advantage of it. But, having places like the beach where you knew people would always be was comforting and since it was not apparently like that for everyone it makes feel pretty lucky to have had those places at that time. Even with the normal ups and downs of being a teenager, growing up here was pretty good. We never seemed to run out of things to do and I guess I don’t give this place as much credit as it deserves.



I am in Florida for the week sort of on vacation and sort of working. It is sort of a tradition of mine, instead of taking a ton of time off work around Thanksgiving or coming home for a short stay on an overpriced flight I just stay for a long time on a reasonably priced flight and do some work while I am here. Speaking of my flight, it could not have been better; I am either a genius or the biggest sucker in America because every time United offers me to upgrade my seat for $34 I do it. But every time I end up in the 3rd row without anyone next to me and extra leg room. To me that might be worth a lot more than $34.

My friend Christine picked me up after the flight since I will be staying at here place while I am here. Sure, she turned my room into an exercise den but I can deal with it I think. And her dog barely woke me up this morning. But, the best thing about coming back to the place where you grew up is getting to see all the places of your youth. And I am staying right in the heart of it. Across the street from me is Central Park where I used to play baseball as a kid. But with every good memory is a bad one and every time I drive down the street I have to pass the spot where Bobby Jacomino died in a car crash that probably should have taken my life too. I went to the movies with Nicole at Sawgrass, where my best friends and I spent the better part of our 8th and 9th grade years. But the memory of that place seems so hollow knowing that they are spending their Thanksgiving holiday in Detroit, Bethesda and Brooklyn respectively.

It is hard to even call this place home anymore. I wonder if I ever could, because it was never the place that it was about, always the people. And most of them have moved on just like I have. Being here feels so familiar and so foreign, even some of the streets have literally changed. I know its not like this for everyone, there are plenty of people that I knew growing up here that are coming home for Thanksgiving and they cant wait to see all the people that they miss, they cant wait to go to Riverfront and bump into countless people from high school and college. But not me, I don’t want any of that, as a matter of fact, I can hardly remember many of their names. This trip down I will see a handful of people that I still talk to that live here. No offense meant to them but I think its time they start visiting me because I just don’t see myself coming down here much more. My best friends aren’t here, my sisters aren’t either, my mom still is but she is living in my Grandparents place until they sell it, so she might be gone soon too. I will be back in February and March but it will be different. So yeah, coming home is weird and filled with mixed emotions. A lot of good memories, but a lot of ones I’d rather forget as well. This will be my last long visit here, I just wonder when it got so hard?



Remember the opening scene from Dogma when Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are sitting in the airport just watching people? That’s sometimes how I feel. Over the past ten years I have been on hundreds of flights. I spend countless hours checking in and waiting for bags and going through security. And if I am not doing the flying myself there is a good chance I have someone that needs a ride from the airport. Right now I am sitting at Dulles waiting for my flight home for Thanksgiving thinking back on all the times I have been here*. And you know what I miss? I miss the times when you could meet people at the gate. The first time I flew into this airport I was a senior in high school coming to see a girl. I always loved that moment just outside the gate. The one where there was always so much joy, any crap that happened before didn’t matter, nothing really mattered because in that moment you were reconnected with the people you wanted to see. But airports are a funny place, the memories they give are tied to both happy and sad for they may bring the people you love to you but they also take them away. I must have said that a hundred times in airports saying goodbye to someone after a visit that felt too short. I don’t say it very often anymore because we also can’t have that very sad goodbye at the gate. I used to love those too. On this flight I have no one to sadly say goodbye to anyway, and no one to embrace on my arrival, not the way I used to anyway. And this is another thing airports can do to you, they bring up old memories long forgot.

So maybe they are a little more sad than happy or maybe not. I don’t really know. I just know that when you have a little time in an airport your mind can wander to very interesting places and things you didn’t even realize you missed become sad images of your past.

*This was written in the airport but posted after my flight.


Friday's are made for

Posts with no cohesive direction at all.

Where to start? I guess I can just dive right in, every once in a while I like to write these posts that cover a lot of topics and I think this will be one of those. In no particular order of importance here we go.

- I really feel for Percy Harvin, every weekend we see him put on an incredible show of speed and athleticism. But, so often he limps off the field clearly in pain only to get back out there a few plays later and do it all over again. I was at the game against Tennessee when he sprained his ankle and I know he won’t heal completely until the season is over. How do I know this? Well, I sprained my ankle a few weeks later thanks to Tim Tebow and his touchdown in the first half of the Auburn game. Now, I rested mine for two weeks completely, while Percy was still practicing and preparing for football games, and still it was not completely healed. After two weeks I felt better and began working out again which has led to recurring pain in the ankle. So I can only imagine how much pain Percy is in while playing a much more physically demanding sport than my attempts at staying in Warrior III.

- Thursday night TV is the one I look forward to all week. Yes, I love Heroes on Monday and Friday Night Lights on Tuesday. But on Thursday I am actually compelled to watch the shows live instead of waiting for the DVR to record them. But, Thursday is getting a little crowded, I have Smallville at 8 followed by OC and Grey’s at 9 with Scrubs soon returning in the 9 o’clock hour also. So far I have let my DVR decide which I should watch live and which I will watch later. It has been the OC and it has been fantastic. I got hooked on this show when my buddy and former roommate gave me the first 2 seasons on DVD, I finished those in about a week. And after what I thought was a really bad third season I am really digging this new one. Smallville is also really good this season, did anyone catch the Martian Manhunter, damn that was so cool, I was excited by all its nerdy goodness.

- Speaking of DVRs there are two things I wish they could do. One is, I wish there was a way to schedule recordings from your computer or your cell phone. There have been so many times when I realize I want to go to Happy Hour or do something after work but also see something on TV that I’d like to record. Then I have to choose between them but if I could schedule my recordings remotely I could do both. Secondly, I wish there was a fast forward button that automatically skipped commercials. I remember a while ago I had a VCR with this function, it didn’t always work that well but at least they tried. I figure if a VCR can do it these silly hard drives should be able to.

- And lastly, I am going home tomorrow night. As I have been doing since I left Florida a few years ago I will spend about 9 days in my home state. I am looking forward to seeing my mom of course and eating at LaSpadas and CharHut and staying at Christine’s because she has high speed internet while my mom still uses dial up. I can’t wait until Friday when I will get to see my baby sister and take advantage of her job to get lots of drinks. I’ll probably just give her a big tip right off the bat and tell her to keep em coming. But, right now I am also not looking forward to a few things, packing and laundry at the bottom of the list. Mostly, I am a little sad that for the first time I won’t be able to go over to my Grandma’s house and give her a hug, she won’t be there to have lunch with at Deli Den, where she always ordered a tongue sandwich and cut the skin off her pickles. On my previous trips over the past few years I would go see her everyday I was in town. She would make me turkey sandwiches and tell me stories or we would go to Deli Den and an occasional dinner at her brother’s. I have a feeling it is something I will always miss when I go there and there is just no getting around it. So, I will just have to enjoy the good stuff that much more.

- OK, one more thing. My sister and best friend both went to FSU, I went to Florida so I understand what it's like to live under the same roof with the enemy. But I would never, ever do this to my house. It is hideous, I don't think I would paint a house in either of these color schemes alone but together they make me want to vomit.


The Short List

I find myself in uncomfortable territory these days. Recently, I took over a semi-important position with work and while it seemed harmless at the time it was not. I am now on what I like to call the short list. That is the email distribution list reserved for important people in my area. This troubles me on so many levels, first of which is that I am an eternal outsider and uncomfortable with being part of the inner circle. Secondly, I used to call these people nerds for being on the short list and now I am one of them. And finally, I am that much closer to being figured out to be the fraud that I am. I am not important and every time I get one of these emails I ask myself why I am on the list. Yet, I find the whole situation to be pretty positive, false importance or not, I am on the short list and its not a bad place to be.


My Problem with Jarvis

In my football dominated world the biggest disappointment I had this week was not the total cost of fixing my car, it was Jarvis Moss getting suspended. Now, we have no confirmation of what Jarvis actually did but it is speculated that he failed a drug test. And while I have absolutely no problem with marijuana I do have a problem with someone breaking team rules and having their decisions affect others. Most college kids are smoking weed, especially that Gainesville green, but they don’t have to take drug tests or worry about hurting the performance of anyone else by their use. Football players are rightfully or wrongly held to higher standards and they should try to live up to them. So, my problem with Jarvis is that he let people down and put an entire team and a lot of hard work in jeopardy.

Side rant: Most football players and college students are doing other illegal things that are not tested for. I know for a fact many were drinking underage and even if caught most probably would not miss a game for that. Personally, I think its time to legalize that dirt and stop treating it like it’s a capitol offense. I don’t even smoke the stuff but I trust my man Bob Marley.

"Yeah, man. It's time to let de people get good herbs and smoke. Government's a joke. All dey wan' is ya smoke cigarettes and cigar. Some cigar wickeder den herb. Yeah, man, ya can't smoke cigar. Smoke herb. Some big cigar me see man wit', God bless! Me tell him must smoke herb."

Bob Marley


My BcS rant

Since Saturday everyone seemingly has something to say about the state of the BCS. And since I am not one to be left out here is mine. Obvious biases to the Orange and Blue aside the system sucks. Sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks. Looking at the BCS for what it was supposed to be and what it is clearly shows you that it is flawed. The Bowl Championship Series was supposed to ensure that the #1 and #2 teams in the country played in a real championship game, however the formula for selecting said #1 and #2 has been in question every year of its existence. And so every year they tweak the system until it becomes an even murkier thing than the one before it. Oh and by the way, the AP poll can and will name its own National Champion if it doesn’t agree with the BCS (see USC 2003). So why continue tweaking a flawed system? Is it that bowl dollars are precious or that the establishment is too conservative to change? Prior to the BCS the bowl matchups were determined only by conference tie in to the bowl games meaning that it was possible for the top teams to not even play each other. This was clearly a problem that the BCS set out to avoid, and they have but to say they got it completely right is also not true. If we are going to continue selecting winners as if this is a beauty contest we need to select better judges. Everyone knows that the coaches don’t really vote in the coaches’ poll and that the Harris poll is an absolute joke, then you take a look at the computers and you get your mind blown from the statistical equations and huge variables involved in their selections. We either improve the selection process or we go to a playoff, because what we have now is clearly not working.

Not only does the current system leave out legitimate title contenders and crush the soul of the Cinderella team it is also dividing the fans of college football more than ever. From day one of the college football season the lobbying begins and vitriol begins to flow, fans not only have to hope for their teams’ victories but for their nearest opponents to lose. Hardly is it possible to enjoy a hard fought close victory when style points are needed. And then there is the lobbying, from coaches, to fans, to pundits, everyone is lobbying for one conference over another, one teams schedule over another and all of it is only a face value assessment. Bringing us to this year and the perceptions of this season people feel that Michigan and OSU are clearly the two best teams in the country but when you break down their schedules and stats it becomes a lot less clear. A keen observer would tell you that the top 8 teams in the new BCS are not all that different. And that is why we need a playoff, today Urban Meyer suggested that 8 conference champions prove it on the field in a playoff format. I am totally OK with that, the 6 BCS conferences plus the next two strongest each play a conference championship game in early December. After that teams get a few weeks off before playing a first round of playoffs around Christmas, running the playoffs into January when the current Championship game takes place. It would eliminate a lot of the debate, not all of it, but a good amount, because the teams would be proving it on the field. Sure, this may never happen but something has to.

This little rant has been running through my head since Sunday evening when we learned that the Gators were jumped by USC. Part of me understands, USC is the media darling, the team from LA with the celebrity fans and the recent success. They just blew out a decent Oregon team and they earned some much needed style points. People forget so quickly how shaky they have looked all year winning close games and losing a bad one. While Florida has won close games all year and lost to a good team on the road. No, the Gators don’t have the style points but they are winning and don’t deserve to be locked out because SC has a bigger media market. Not to only jump on SC, Notre Dame also has a shot at a Mythical National Championship should they beat USC on the 25th. But this is the problem, to say that either of these teams is definitively better than Florida is impossible, either may finish the season 11-1 which is great, Florida may finish 12-1 after playing a conference championship game and still no one can say that Notre Dame or USC are not better because we just don’t know. We need a playoff. Let them prove it on the field because computer generated equations and human polls clearly have no way of deciding who the two best teams in the country are. 8 conferences, 8 champions, 1 playoff to see who is the best.


Sleep, my most elusive pursuit

I fight it and fight it but I am losing. I am one of the sleep deprived, unable to rest without help of drugs or sedatives to keep me in bed for an entire night of uninterrupted sleep. Last night felt different, I thought I would make it, but again it was not meant to be. Initially, sleep came easy and it lasted for a few hours before fitful dreams got the best of me. Whether they were caused by one of Jack’s posts, my own imagination or the new book I am reading I am not sure. But, one thing is for sure, I had a terrible dream that woke me in the middle of the night. After the dream woke me I could not fall back asleep, for over an hour I tossed and turned, switching positions and pillows, sides of the bed, but nothing would work. Finally I must have fallen asleep about an hour before my alarm was to go off. I snoozed for a long time after that and I am a bit of a mess now.

I am out of it both from the dream and the lack of a good nights sleep. I rarely remember my dreams so that when I actually do remember them I find it interesting mostly. A lot of the time they are very mundane and boring, just normal stuff. However, what woke me this night was eerie, almost a warning or a premonition. I was in the middle of a battle but had lost my gun. In the real I have never had a gun, never trained for combat, never desired to fight. Yet for some reason this dream makes me feel it is inevitable and that I have been putting off preparation, that I will not be ready for some looming danger. Or, could it possibly be something else, could it all be symbolism? Perhaps I am unarmed because I do not have the knowledge I need to survive in my current career? If that is the case would it be too much of a coincidence that I began training on a new technology today? So many questions, so few answers, isn’t that always the way things are for me?

My dreams have left me disturbed, my lack of sleep has left me cloudy and my future is as ambiguous as it has always been. This is why I prefer not to remember my dreams, they create ever more questions for a constantly questioning mind.


This is not a College Football blog

Although over the next couple of weeks it may look that way. Just as it is not a college basketball blog but certainly looked that way in March and April.

This is what happens when you are a fan of a team in the hunt for National Titles. In the Spring I actually lost my voice for a month cheering the for the Gator Basketball team. A few weeks ago I sprained my ankle cheering for the Gator Football team, being a fan is a rough life. But, it is also so damn exciting.

Starting last Thursday night the college football landscape has completely opened up and now there are a ton of teams and scenarios to watch. The Gators don’t entirely control their destiny but if they keep winning I am not sure they can be held out of a trip to the desert in January.

But until the regular season is over all the talk is really just pointless. Look at what has happened in the past four days and you will know that there is a lot of football left to play. Texas lost, Auburn lost, Louisville lost, Cal lost, it was one of those weekends that makes this sport so exciting. And it is also why Gator fans can keep talking Fiesta Bowl but the Gator team has 3 games left to play.

Here is what we can look forward to over the next couple of weeks for the Gators:

Senior Day vs. Western Carolina – They are a 1AA school who will not really have any chance but it will be senior day so expect to see the Seniors get their playing time early and hopefully turn it over to the younger guys for most of the game. It will be a good week to rest up some of the walking wounded and get a nice mental break before a rivalry game.

FSU – Even in a down year this game can not be taken lightly. I will be up in Tally for this one so I am really hoping for a good showing. That and I cant stand my sister after they win. The Noles do look like crap but you cant take them lightly at all.

SECCG – Our first trip to Atlanta since 2000 and we will most likely be playing a very good Arkansas team. They looked really good running the ball against Tennessee last night and our defense looks like it took a huge hit by losing Marcus Thomas. By this game a lot of things can unfold and if the Gators hold course and win out they have a great chance to be playing for the MNC. If that doesn’t fire you up nothing will.


Who’s got next?

Today is my last day on my current project at work. As a consultant you get used to changing clients constantly but it is always an adventure. In the public sector we get to stick with our clients a little longer than some of the commercial consultants who are in and out before you even knew there name. I think being in public sector makes moving on from project to project a little more difficult since you are around long enough to make some relationships. Still, it is good to be able to move on and find something new to keep you interested or to just find a better fit. I am not sure what I will be doing next yet, or even where I will be doing it from. I could be in Rhode Island, Chicago or DC. And those are just the options as of today, tomorrow there could be more. But tomorrow is Veterans Day and I do not exactly have to work.

Speaking of Veterans Day how come I have no recollection of this holiday at all? I get it, the name really couldn’t be clearer but it sparks absolutely no memories. I vividly remember what we did for other holidays when we were in elementary school but when I plod through the recesses of my mind I get nothing. The file for Veterans Day is empty. Even the holidays that didn’t have an elementary school memory have something like bbq’s or the beach or the family, you name it I have a distinct feel for it and a complete mental image but for tomorrow all I get is little army guy hats. And just typing that made me think of little army men but now I am completely off track and not thinking about Veterans Day at all. So, with no memories and most of my friends working I will spend the Vets day doing things for myself I guess.

In preparation for the holiday that will be soon called Leaf Day in Falls Church, VA I will be listening to “Watching the Detectives” (Elvis Costello, awesome song) another hundred times today and preparing a grocery list. I think it will be a great holiday for me but I have no idea who’s got next?


My Professors would be so upset

It is probably no secret that I did not vote yesterday. It is also clear to many that I am not even registered to vote. I don’t really follow politics very much and as such I am not very qualified to speak about it anymore. For the most part in recent years I came to one conclusion; IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER. So, you can see why my professors must be so ashamed of me right now. I was a good student, an attentive student and I really like Political Science, got my degree in it actually. At one time I loved it, wanted to be a politician, a lawyer and all that. But then something happened, I moved here, I got close enough to feel the fire and I watched scandal and corruption and read about it until my eyes bled. I fought over issues on message boards, I cared, until I didn’t. The issues no longer matter to me, I don’t really care about the elections or the amendments. Because at some point I stopped seeing any differences, they are all the same and no matter whom you elect it seems that nothing will change. It is all bullshit and none of it matters.

Yet, somehow last night I was watching Decision 2006. I may not care enough to vote but I was definitely intrigued to see who won. Kind of like the World Series, I wasn’t voting for either of those two teams but I still wanted to see the outcome. That’s what politics has become to me, a spectator sport. I no longer want to participate or invest myself in one team, because at the end of the day they are all really the same and they have nothing in common with me. The outcome of the World Series and the outcome of the Midterm elections have about the same impact on my everyday life. And that is to say none at all. Although, I really want George Allen to lose to Jim Webb, not because I like Jim Webb or anything, but because George Allen is an ass, for all I know Jim Webb is worse. And for me that’s what it boils down to, I dislike a lot of politicians but I don’t like any of them so I am not voting for them. I hope the ones I like less lose but I am not investing myself in something full of people and institutions I despise. But you better believe I will vote a 100 times on an ESPN poll to prove that Ben Hill Griffin stadium is the best stadium in college football. Priorities people.


Where is the love for the domestic peace keepers?

It is Election Day all over the country so I figured I would post something about our civil servants. But this wasn’t really prompted by that, it was prompted by a message board post that I read. I read a lot of message boards, mostly sports related, specifically Gator boards. And on these boards occasionally there will be a very nice post from a member of the armed services. Sometimes they are serving in Iraq or Afghanistan or just somewhere at home but they are always met with a flurry of thanks and well wishing. These threads can go on for pages and pages of people who don’t know this person thanking them for all they do and sending prayers there way (even though this is scientifically impossible) and all these other great things. Now, I don’t want to take away from the military and say they don’t deserve the accolades, the well wishing or the thanks they receive. I just think that the Police and Firefighters deserve it more. Yes, that’s right, I said more. It is just that it has been 60 years since the US military establishment has been directly fighting to protect America. I am not necessarily against the situation in Iraq, I am not really for it either, but mostly I don’t see how it is protecting Americans everyday. So, who are the people that are protecting us everyday? The local Police Officers, the firefighters, the FBI, and all the other American agencies that are tasked with keeping us safe everyday here at home, that’s who. Again, I do not want to take away from what those who serve in the military are doing, I do have a great deal of respect for our service people, but at the same time I don’t think people give enough credit to some very highly trained people who put their lives on the line for complete strangers in their own neighborhoods. We have people driving squad cars around our cities and towns late at night doing their best to protect us while we sleep right here at home. Those soldiers who are half a world away may be protecting us from some future danger, but our Police Officers and others will protect us from immediate danger here at home and they deserve a little more love and maybe a care package.


Workplace Coffee Update

Last week I mentioned the coffee cups from Dunkin Donuts that magically appeared on top of the pay coffee machine in the kitchen on my floor. Today I discovered that they have been joined by Starbucks cups. Apparently, it is important to give your workers cup variety when stealing the cups from local coffee selling establishments. I find this new development very exciting however and I am even considering making a really crappy coffee right now but pretending I just ordered a tall something or other from Starbucks.

And the Days go by so fast

Another weekend down the drain and I find myself back in the office I love so much. But, a lot of great things occurred this weekend and while work is still work it seems there may be some happenings that might not be so bad.

On Thursday after picking up my friend from the airport we made a trip to MVC (if you can find it you will understand) which led to some interesting moments over the weekend.

My doctor told me to watch what I eat, as if I don’t already, then I proceeded to eat the least healthy food I have consumed in a long time. It wasn’t just that I left the doctors office and went straight to IHOP for breakfast or that I had dinner at Cheesecake Factory later that night. But I also went camping.

Before we left for our camping excursion we also managed to check out the Borat movie and well, it lived up to the enormous hype. It was funny, it was sad and at times I could not breathe from laughing so much. See this movie, I am very tough on the movies I will pay $10 to see in a crowded theater but this is worth it. It was funny and sad while it poked fun at portions of our society that some of us choose to ignore because they embarrass us.

Myself, JB, Mike and Courtney headed up about an hour away to a KOA campground near the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers. The place was actually pretty packed despite the freezing temperatures. But, the cold was not that bad; we all layered up pretty well and kept a decent fire going most of the night. I was a little skeptical to be honest but once we got there and had our tents up the rest of the night was amazing. We ate a lot, I mean a lot (Moo Burgers, Smores, Popcorn, Chili, pretzels, sour patch kids, Beef Stew, tater tots, cocoa, pancakes, bacon, and lots of beer and whiskey). The trip was perfect until I drove into a tree stump on my way out and messed up the bottom of my front bumper.

After getting home JB and I spent the rest of the day in bed until she had to catch her flight home. And that was my weekend until I woke up for work this morning where life is back to normal, I am still tired and plan on sleeping as much as possible the rest of the week.


Short work week

I am off tomorrow which means that there is about a 95% chance my computer will be put away and I won’t be writing any nonsense. So this will have to be my big sendoff to another weekend.

First, if you are bored, check out this link, it’s hysterical.

Second, tonight is another big night of television and since I am an addict I don’t know what to do. I guess I will record it all (OC, Grey’s, UL-WVU game).

It’s gonna be cold this weekend, someone even mentioned snow, good thing we are camping Saturday night.

And two more random things since I really don’t feel like writing something that isn’t random:

1. The guy that came out to fix my cable is my new hero. Not only did he fix everything in my house he showed me what he was doing along the way. I learned more about cable in two hours than I had my entire life. He gave me a new HD box, amplified my signal and re-did all the wiring to my room; apparently the tips of the cables were not flush and therefore could become pixilated. He also fixed the connection from the wall that had this problem. I might have to call in and give this man a bravo for the work he did.

2. My office has been steadily reducing costs by taking away things from the kitchens on each floor. First they switched from Starbucks coffee to some generic stuff, then they switched to a pay per cup machine. It is only 50 cents but still. Anyway, in what might be the latest cost cutting measure the coffee cups sitting on top of the pay coffee machine are now all from Dunkin Donuts and so are some of the sweeteners. Did someone just blatantly steal them? Were they found in a dumpster? Is this one of the shadiest things a company can do? I really want a coffee but I am scared of the cups. Anyway, have a great weekend, stay warm and Go Gators.


Work From Home Wednesdays

Join the revolution people. It starts today, a word of mouth campaign to save the American workforce. I think such a simple gesture could change business in this country as we know it. Think about it, we are burning ourselves out faster than ever and in a country that should be at the forefront of technology we aren’t taking advantage. Now, as we all have seen over recent years communication technology has made advances that have allowed us to open up the global market in major ways, as a consultant I get to see this first hand and perhaps my job offers the type of freedom that can be extended to other positions. Well, at least for one day a week. I have been both a home worker and an everyday office guy, so I know the benefits and downsides of both, which is why I am proposing one day a week where the country doesn’t commute, where we can get things done around the house, where we don’t have to get out of our pajamas to get some work done. Think about how much this would help morale around the office, you still work and you still have things to do only it feels different because it’s a special day from home. I am working from home today, this Wednesday, it will be the first of many, how many of you will join me next week?

If Spain can have siestas we Americans deserve Work From Home Wednesday.