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"Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold..."

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I have a lot more questions than answers, but I just keep asking. I constantly want to leave, but somehow manage to stay. I am both perfectly happy and completely miserable because of it. I think I am misunderstood but that could just be a huge misunderstanding, either way I guess the best way to put it is, "I ain't often right, but I've never been wrong."


Did you have sexual relations with any other family members?

In case it isn’t entirely obvious I learned how to imbed you tube videos (there is one at the bottom and it explains the strange title) in my posts this week. Can I make it anymore obvious when I learn a new trick? I did the exact same thing with pictures back when I first started posting. I am easily excited by little things. And I guess that is why I do this at all; it gives me something to do and to entertain myself a little. I have had my ups and downs with it, and over the past 170 or so posts there have been many that stunk or were just uninspired. Anyway, another week is gone and as I often do I will be going away from my computer for a few days but I’d like to leave something for the people who stop in.

- Is it bad that I am 25 and the word “poop” makes me laugh? I was discussing this with someone earlier and with a doctor and both times I was biting my tongue holding in the laughter.

- We have been interviewing new roommates recently and here is some advice for any potential roommates out there: Do not, I repeat do not, bring up the fact that you might be getting laid off from your job when trying to move into a place. I don’t know if this works with other people but when a potential tenant asks me how fast he can move out I’d rather not have them move in.

- I may be completely nuts but I like the weather right now (dark, cold and rainy) I just wish I was in bed, instead of in my office.

- One of my friends who regularly reads my blog recently referred to himself as a Leaf blogger. I didn't realize there was a classification for that yet, I wonder when I get my own Wikipedia page will be. And should we decide on a formal name the few of you who are loyal readers? How about "Leafers", my sister might argue since she was referred to as that on occasion in High School but I like it. Let me know.

- Apparently the reigning National Champions have political differences. I am not shocked.

- Also, it is the week of the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. The presidents of the schools don’t like that name but the fans love it. There is a huge divide between Gator fans of different generations because this has been such a lopsided rivalry. UGA owned us for years but we have gone 14-2 in the last 16, I was 5-0 when I attended it during my college years. I have friends who went to Georgia and I loved partying with them on Friday nights, I also loved when they drove home on Saturday night and the Landing was all Orange and Blue after the game. I have not been back in years and I don’t really miss being there but I love the pageantry of that rivalry and the split stadium on the St. Johns River. I hope it is there for a long time.

My week has been pretty crazy and I am glad it is over. Stress over work and medical problems can do that to you. But just like any good sitcom things usually resolve themselves in a short time and by the end of the episode everything is back to normal. I have a lot to look forward to over the next few days and a lot to keep me busy. Have a great weekend and enjoy this deleted scene from the Borat movie.


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