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Virgin festival

Finding words to describe this show seems silly and forced. The fact is the entire day, the whole experience was far beyond words but I am going to try anyway. Virgin festival was an overwhelming experience for any music lover and I somehow managed to maximize 10 + hours of music with good friends who just added to the experience. I could have watched this show on my own and had a great time so having two great people come visit for the show was icing on a very sweet cake.

The celebration and anticipation of Virgin festival actually began Thursday night when JB got into town. She flew down from Boston on what might be the coolest last minute plans I have ever been a part of after she decided on Tuesday that coming in on Thursday night was a good idea. We had dinner with friends that night and then I got to work from home Friday, which must have been boring for her but at least I could work from the couch and have some good company while I did it. On Friday my buddy who was driving to the show came by to pick up beer and coolers for the next day and we got to discuss our concert lineups. It was just another example of how pumped we all were for the next day. Later that night JB and I decided even though we had an early morning we should take advantage of DC and headed out to Georgetown, where we would meet up with my other friend Greav who was also coming into town just for the show. Ultimately, Friday was an early night but sleeping was so hard to do with such a huge day in front of us.

Then the concert day finally came. I began waking everyone up a little bit after 7 am, I had coffee while they got ready and we were out the door by 8:15 am. From my place we drove to the Greenbelt metro station where we were meeting a van and about 6 other people. As we waited for some of the stragglers to get there it seemed like a good idea to have a few beers right there in the metro parking lot. And if there is a telltale sign of a good day, beers in the metro parking lot at 9 am is it. We had two beers before we got to our VIP parking and then we opened up for real. From the time we got there at 10 am, until we went in to the show we were chugging beers and eating party mix, discussing music and anything else that came to mind. Shotgunning the four or so cans of beer that we had was probably a bad idea as I was wasted when we walked through the gates but I was seriously ready to go.

When we walked in the two stages and the dance tent were all ready up and running. We heard Kasabian blasting from the main stage, walked by the Drive-by Truckers who were already jamming out and made our way to RJD2 in the dance tent. Walking into the tent Pimlico still smelled like race horse but as the show went on and RJ picked up the pace and increased the volume this little tent got hot and mixed with smoke and beer and sweat it began to feel and smell like a concert. RJ was amazing once he got going, he definitely gained a few fans that day and it was the perfect way to get pumped up for the rest of the show. From there we walked out of the tent over to the second stage to catch the New Pornographers who I honestly barely remember but I enjoyed. We bought $8 beers, at least they were 24 ounces, and headed over to the main stage to catch the Raconteurs. Jack White’s side band was pretty impressive, I only knew one or two of their songs but they put on a good show. Sometime after that we sat down, ate and drank and relaxed a little bit as we heard music blaring from both stages in the distance. We missed Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and only heard some of Gnarles Barkley. We caught a couple Killers songs and checked out the Brazilian Girls, who had an awesome sound and the sexiest lead singer to ever wear a white facemask. I have no idea what she looked like at all but it was so odd and intriguing that I couldn’t stop watching, plus her accented voice made the music sound pretty incredible. After the Brazilian Girls we had more beers and more food and took in The Thievery Corporation. Thievery was amazing, they were the most diverse group of the day and I can not even begin to describe what their style of music actually is. They must have had 7 different singers leading on songs and a belly dancer. Not to mention that there two closing numbers were the most energetic and amped the crowd had been to that point during the day. From there we decided it was time to catch the main acts. I was sorry to miss the Flaming Lips and not catch John Digweed but when was I going to get another chance to see the Who?

With the sun going down and the day starting to wear on us we used the Who show to gain a second wind and relaxe while watching one of the greatest bands ever. We didn’t fight the crowd, instead we just got close enough to hear the music in a comfortable area where we could sit or stand and enjoy the crowd around us. The Who had some loyal fans there and when I watched some of these guys in their 50s stumbling around and dancing like fools I got this odd feeling that someday that could be me. There were entire families watching this show together and I found that to be so cool. The Who rocked, they were fantastic, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I have seen the Stones, Aerosmith, Dylan and many others but you never know what you are gonna get out of these aging rockers. Well, they still clearly kick ass and it seemed like they truly enjoyed being on that stage, it was special and I was happy to be part of it. And then the Red Hot Chili Peppers tore the place down.

For RHCP we got as close as we could, even at night in that thick crowd of people it was extremely hot. We waited until about 9 pm for their set to begin and from the beginning there was so much energy and enthusiasm you could not help but move. Everything about it was amazing, the crowd, the energy, and the musicians. At times the words seemed unnecessary; at others they seemed to flow perfectly into the sounds from the bass guitar. Every song sounded as good or better than I ever remembered and getting to enjoy them while others crowd surfed or moshed in front of me was truly an experience I will never forget. Singing along with thousands of people to their hits was one of those unique moments that you can hardly find anywhere else. When they closed their set with an encore that began with a cover of Tiny Dancer I was completely exhausted and moving on the sheer adrenaline the show provided me alone. I don’t think there is much more I can say, there was not a single part of the day that I did not enjoy, it was simply the perfect blending of music, friends and alcohol that you can only find at a show like this. So I guess the only thing left is who wants to go to Bonnaroo next summer?


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That sounds awesome.

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