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The TV season so far

We are about halfway through the fall premiers and here is my take on the shows I have watched so far.

Family Guy – As ridiculous and as good as ever. Between this, Sunday night football and Adult Swim my night is set.

Heroes – I watched this last night and I am not entirely sold, it felt a lot like ABCs 6 degrees with super powers. I am gonna hold on this one and watch it again next week before I decide if I will care to keep watching.

Studio 60 – Loved the first episode, was lukewarm about the second. I will watch again but if I don’t really enjoy the third episode I will say goodbye to it.

House – Huge fan of this show and although the stories so far have not been anything new really I still love the show and watch every week. The high school stalker story is interesting and Cameron is hot.

Standoff – watched the first one because it was on after House but turned the second one off so I think I have passed on that show. It’s too bad because I really like the Office Space guy.

Bones – Another show I picked up last season that so far has been pretty good but not spectacular. If I somehow had a conflict with another show I might give it up but since I don’t see any right now I will keep watching.

Justice – Watched one episode for Nikki Reed and will not watch again. This show sucked sucked sucked sucked.

Grey’s Anatomy – I have watched since the beginning and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. The first episode was a great way to start the season, I was glad they picked up right where they left off and I can not wait to see what happens next. Have I mentioned how cool Alex is to anyone yet? Thought so.

6 Degrees – I give this show an eh. There was a lot going on so caring about all the characters was hard and for some reason the Erika Christensen/Julia Stiles girl freaks me out. Anyway I might watch it again since its on right after Grey’s but its more likely that I change the channel and put on cartoons.

Numb3rs – I like the show, I really do but the season premier was boring and since it’s on Friday nights it is an automatic DVR which means I have to find time to watch it and that might not make its spot in my rotation safe. We will see though, the first episode was a “to be continued…”

Still looking forward to the premiers of:

One Tree Hill – sue me, I like it. It’s my moms fault.

Smallville – 6 years running the best show on TV.

Veronica Mars – hopefully this show will benefit being on after Gilmore Girls because it is a great show that no one seems to be watching.

Las Vegas – One of the most ridiculous shows on television but it is so entertaining.

The OC – Its Mintcents fault for making me watch the DVDs and although last season sucked I am nervously waiting to see what they are going to do. Marissa being gone is great but the addition of Caitlin might be a bit much for me. This show could get the axe early if it isn’t impressive since Thursday is already packed.


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