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Tennessee weekend part 2: RV life in Knoxville, TN

This weekend was too much fun and too much info to throw into one post so this will be a three part series discussing taking a roadie by yourself, RV life and of course the amazing football game.

In my eagerness to get to Knoxville on Friday morning I did a horrible job of coordinating my arrival time with the arrival of my accommodations. My cousin and his RV did not leave Atlanta until around noon when they would have about a 4 hour trip, the trip ended up taking them 5 hours do to a few snags with the big girl but they eventually did make it. I on the other hand arrived in Knoxville at 3 pm with nothing to do. Arriving two hours early did provide me with some much needed time to stretch and find my away around the campus and check out the scene a little bit. I began by driving around looking for the parking lot that our RV would be calling home for the weekend. Unfortunately, I am really good at finding things and this only took about ten minutes. So, with about two hours still left to kill I drove back over to Cumberland St. where all the bars are supposed to be and decided to walk around, maybe have a beer or something. After finding parking by the hospital a couple blocks up I get out the car and start walking around, but I find nothing but empty or closed bars. It was disappointing, on a Friday afternoon in Gainesville you can walk up and down University Ave and find good crowds of people sitting on lawns, drinking beer and listening to live music, I found none of this. It was certainly disappointing but I was tired anyway and decided to just go wait in the car and call my sister until my cousin called me. He finally did that around 5 and I headed over to the RV lot, where I actually had to give them directions since they had no idea where they were going.

No longer alone it was time to get the weekend started, we got the RV parked, opened up the slides and I had my first Jack and Coke. At this point it was about 5 pm, the sun was still high enough to get some things done and we spent the next couple of hours getting to know our neighbors and setting up the Directv. All the while we were drinking of course. We were in an RV lot full of pros, people who go to every away game and all but one of them were extraordinarily helpful. They helped us with our water pump, with our satellite dish, with selecting a parking spot and gave us tips on saving water and not running the generator at night. The whole thing made me feel like I was at the redneck version of a Phish concert, we were all there for the same reason and our one unique commonality was all that we needed to be in this whole thing together. Once the RV was settled in, the tv was on and we had a sufficient buzz we all began to get ready for a night out in Knoxville. I probably should have showered but it was a hassle so I threw on some deodorant and cologne and we headed over to Calhoun’s for some BBQ. This place was crazy packed and had a 2 hour wait, so what do we do? We pay the waiter 40 bucks and sit right down. It was perfect. The food was amazing and the beers were good, plus we got a great view of one spectacular mullet. After dinner we were greeted to a swarm of Florida fans singing songs and taunting every Tennessee fan brave enough to come out on Friday before we grabbed a cab and headed back to Cumberland St. This time there were plenty of people out but my cousin and the guys he came with were not feeling it so they left me to some other friends on the strip. They headed back to the RV to drink and smoke and hang out with the other RV folks. I stayed out, went in to no less than 4 bars, bumped into people whose names I can’t remember and talked a good amount of shit with a friendly Volunteer fan. My first night in Knoxville ended with a falafel and a long walk home.

My second day started early as I am a notoriously early riser, even after a late night. What can I say? I was excited as heck to start the day. First stop breakfast buffet and coffee (a must for me). Following that we made a food run, which was one of the best shopping sessions I have ever been a part of. Approximately $200 later we were armed with an Aussie walkabout grill and enough food to feed ourselves lunch and dinner. And feed ourselves we did, burgers and dogs and brats and beers and whiskey, tequila shots and Gatorade (gotta hydrate). We spent the entire day in the lot, cooking and watching games on tv, drinking and talking, the weather was fantastic and the environment was perfect, it was what game day was meant to be. After the great group of 3:30 games came to an end and the bottle of Jack was no more we headed out for the shuttles and for Neyland stadium. Gator shirts on, beers in our pockets we were ready for 106,000 rowdy Tennessee fans and ready for a great game.


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I think I could live in an RV and be pretty happy. I really do.

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