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I have a lot more questions than answers, but I just keep asking. I constantly want to leave, but somehow manage to stay. I am both perfectly happy and completely miserable because of it. I think I am misunderstood but that could just be a huge misunderstanding, either way I guess the best way to put it is, "I ain't often right, but I've never been wrong."


A special post for my Friend

I talk about my friends and family a lot because they mean a lot to me. One of my friends has recently given me an earful about not mentioning her enough. And to be fair she is right, I don’t say enough, but if all my friends read this thing they would probably feel the same way. Still, this blog has featured a pic of the lake outside her house, her dog as well as a pic that she was in with me in NYC last winter. So, in honor of her I dedicate this post. I apologize in advance if my memory is fuzzy, I drink a lot, have been hit in the head many times and I am sure those nights I spent in the ICU involved lack of oxygen to my brain.

I can’t say how many years we have been friends or when we first met, but I do remember you as far as back as 4th or 5th grade. We weren’t friends in elementary school, but I don’t think we were ever in class together (because you were a nerd) so that is to be expected. Then we moved on to middle school and while I remember you being there I also don’t think we were friends, certainly not close if at all. Did we even have the same teachers? I think you were friends with Greav in middle school but not me. So it must have been 9th grade when we became friends but I don’t remember that particularly either, so maybe it was 10th. My memory is really bad, but my first memory of being really good friends was at Stephanie’s sweet sixteen or whatever party in Davie but given the events of that night I am pretty sure there plenty of nights of good friendship before that. Some of those nights probably involved you, me and two Israelis hanging in out in someone’s driveway inhaling things. Others mostly involved beer and me occasionally banging on doors that you slipped into with the wrong people late at night. In 11th grade I only remember a few things, one being that girl who played soccer and the odd scenario that went down with her and going to school in Israel so forgive me if I miss something, the good stuff didn’t really happen until college anyway. Senior year was another story altogether, mostly because all of the memories are the same. Gather everyone you know and get beer, whether it was a night at Feiler’s playing Beirut or sitting on my back porch drinking beers every night was basically the same. Throw in some stitches (mine) and a couple of pool parties and you have senior year. I even have a picture of you swimming with us at the pool that you now happen to live near. But, as close as we were and as many times as I can remember us hanging out in high school it still seems like we really became friends in college.

We walked away from high school and ran to college as quick as possible. I went early because I had to; you went because you wanted to. Even if you chose the wrong school we still stayed friend, actually became better friends. I will never forget when you came down for the Florida State game freshman year and you and Scott went robbing people’s tailgates while everyone else was at the game or the time when you almost fought that dumb bitch at the Rudolph’s house. Then there was the time that Mike and I stayed with you the next year and we watched the game at that bar in Tally, I am not sure what the name of it was but I remember not being very happy. That was of course followed by your presence at many of my fraternity parties; including the time my drunken little brother thought I was somehow hiding in a full bed with you. And the time we got so drunk the night before your homecoming game that we ended up sleeping through it. You also happened to not go out that night when I did, I think you just dropped me off somewhere. There were plenty more including that spring break we took together during our final spring, the one that you remember just a little more than I do because tequila is not my friend and a girl I met the first night made me want to forget I was ever there. And that pretty much sums it up.

Since college it has been easy to say that you have been my closest friend. Your house has become my second home, and sometimes my second office. You are one of the few people I call regularly, I put up with your horrible forwards and I have told you about this blog. Putting you in a very small category, since none of my brothers even know about it, actually one of them does but I didn’t tell him. So, from now on if I forget to mention you in a post that I should have remembered you please forgive me, my memory is bad and it is partly your fault, after all you were the one who thought that the two of us could finish a keg by ourselves. That turned out well, I think we should get together again for an all night drinking binge that ends in a parent cutting us off on their way to work. So until the next time we are together in Brooklyn or Tally, the Caribbean or just back in Plantation just know I might not remember everything but I haven’t exactly forgotten you.


Blogger adieu tristesse said...

Seems like a friendship to envy…
as though, in all of its complexity, it comes down to very simple things.
There was a very human quality to this post – thanks, I needed to be reminded that this sort of beautiful simplicity still exists.

By the way, the photo is the pervious post is lovely – very happy set of individuals!

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! You actually were able to write a whole blog about me and didn't include any bad things (wasn't sure that was possible!) I feel much better now! We have definitely become closer than I ever imagined, considering how much the bogers picked on me! Just wanted to say thanks for the blog and I truely value your friendship, but don't forget starting next Saturday we are at war until Nov 25th!

~Pizza Bagel

10:12 PM  
Blogger Leaf said...

That was one of the hardest things I have ever had to write. All that positive stuff with none of the bad, you should see my notes. Ok I am kidding, we do have a wonderfully simple and solid friendship tied together with beer and food, as in you feeing me and I buying beer.

And since you are a Pizza bagel I would just like to say that although I am not normally a big fan of cultures mixing I think Italian and Jewish goes together like Lamb and Tuna fish. What?!??! You prefer spaghetti and meat ball? Ok, most of my favorite ladies come from Italian dads and Jewish moms. Not surprisingly they met in New York. Shocker, I think everyone in New York seems either Jewish or Italian.

2:52 PM  

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