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Sleep Disorders

I have discussed this on here numerous times but I just wanted to throw out a little update. I have been battling sleep disorders for about 5 years now. And it may have been longer than that, when I was in college I used all sorts of things to sleep including Nyquil which worked wonders. Around the time I was studying for my LSAT, waste of time and money that it was, I had to take OTC sleep aids to get some rest the week before the test. In the years since then I have had trouble sleeping on and off but rarely did anything about it. I have taken xanax, drank, taken pain killers, Nyquil, herbal supplements and well you name it I have tried it. A lot of the things I try, including yoga and meditation, do help me fall asleep but I can’t sleep through the night once I am out. The usual night for me goes like this:

11:30 fall asleep

2:00 wake up, roll around a little, fall asleep

4:00 wake up, turn on tv, watch a little, fall asleep

6:30 wake up, look at alarm clock, and realize I still have an hour til I need to get up

7:30 alarm goes off, snooze for 45 minutes

8:15 finally get out of bed, drink obscene amounts of coffee

So, obviously, this is not healthy and last week I spoke to my doctor about it. It was determined that I do not have sleep apnea, which was good to hear since I already have breathing issues. My doctor said I should try out Lunesta and I figured why not, filled the prescription and read the instructions and details. Then last night I gave this hypnotic a try, it was supposed to help you get a full nights sleep. But, that didn’t happen, actually what did happen looks a lot like the above. I am gonna give it another shot but as of today RX sleep aids suck. I think I need to be prescribed xanax to sleep, not to pass out at bars.


Blogger Andrea said...

I thought of another one!

Ask them to check if there is an actual hole where the air has leaked out. If there isn't tell them to cut a small one and then tell them to put "stuff" (anything really) into it until the whole chamber of the tire is filled - Gravel, small rocks, sticks, dirt, pieces of glass or metal kicked up off the roads, gum wrappers, etc. Tell them they are fine to drive like this for at least a couple of hours but it will hold even longer if they also seal the filled hole/tire with duct tape.

That's three now!!! WAHOO!!!

8:07 AM  
Blogger Leaf said...

Another fantastic idea, maybe I will write a post about it one of these days titled How to handle wrong numbers asking for AAA?

11:51 AM  
Blogger dr.royant said...

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7:17 AM  

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