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My Grandparents

This week has been a comedy of errors that hasn’t really allowed me to get to writing something about my Grandparents. And now that it is a really slow day at work I still am not sure what to write. Something that the Rabbi said at the funeral has stuck with me though as I look through photos and that is how important the future was to my Grandparents. There past was ripped from them, so rebuilding and creating a family became very important and remained that way for their whole lives. Even on some of my latest visits when my Grandmas health was clearly fading she would ask if I had enough money to take girls on dates. She was hilarious like that. They were both hilarious in there own ways, although it was hard to see there humor from outside. After all they didn’t tell jokes; it was more just how they were. I doubt many people would describe them as funny but I remember countless times laughing in their presence.

One thing everyone will say is that they were both beautiful. They met in a DP camp in Germany and as the story goes my Grandpa was the stud of the camp, a sometime professional soccer player who never much cared for shirts, and he took a liking to my blonde haired green eyed Grandma. When my Grandma introduced my Grandpa to her sister she supposedly broke the pencil that was in her hand. I just heard that story for the first time last week; I wish I had heard more. I know they both have interviews on tape for a Stephen Spielberg project that I don’t think ever happened; I will have to get a hand on those. And while I don’t know as much as I like about my grandparents I do know they have left quite a legacy, something that I think they are proud of.

My family is extremely large, my Grandma had 3 sisters and a brother, and they have spawned a family that is in the 100s now. Of that family we are considered the good looking ones. Not that the others aren’t but we are a very good looking family. But more than that we are close and we are growing once again. We are friends, we occasionally take vacations together, we do things together, and we take part in each others lives. And now that our cousins are having kids and we have more cousins we get to watch them grow up and continue on a great legacy. A legacy that I think my Grandparents can look down on in pride.


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