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"Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold..."

Location: Falls Church, Virginia, United States

I have a lot more questions than answers, but I just keep asking. I constantly want to leave, but somehow manage to stay. I am both perfectly happy and completely miserable because of it. I think I am misunderstood but that could just be a huge misunderstanding, either way I guess the best way to put it is, "I ain't often right, but I've never been wrong."



Admittedly yesterday was a bit of downer on here and well at work too. But there was also some good news. My cousin and his wife welcomed into the world their second son yesterday. Just got the pics this morning and he looks very much like his older brother, these kids are gonna be tall. I am very happy for my cousin who has grown up to really be a good person and a loving father. It was the last thing many expected growing up but he has really matured. My family is large, the extended family requires aerial photography, but even just my Mom’s relatives are growing pretty fast. My mom had two sisters (twins) and a brother and they had 8 kids between them. Now my two oldest cousins each have two boys. So, our family is growing once again, its fun to think about and fun to see these little kids grow up. I do hate that I don’t get to see them very often as we all live so far apart but I hope when my sisters or I end up starting families we will all live near each other so our kids can know their aunts and uncles. Mine were a huge part of my childhood and that’s something I would like to continue.

Odd fact: Starting with my oldest cousin down to my youngest we are all 3 yrs apart in age if you take out my middle sister. 19,22,24*,25,28,31,34,37


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