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You Can’t Always Get What You Want (My Superman Returns Review)

My posts the past couple of days have been real gloomy; it must have been the weather around here. If you haven’t heard the Mid-Atlantic is flooding, 12 people have died, and it has been raining non stop since Saturday. In Maryland they were close to losing a dam which would put parts of the state under 19 feet of water. So, you can imagine my relief when the sun came out yesterday for the first time in days and even more so when I saw it was still sunny this morning. Last night I went to see Superman Returns, no rain on the way to the show but the ground was wet and the air was cool on my way home. It ended up being perfect sleeping weather so instead of writing this immediately after the show I just slept on it and hope I don’t leave anything out now.

Superman Returns starred Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. As a huge Luthor fan myself I would have to say that I really dislike the way the movies portray him, they make him too campy to be the super villain that is capable of challenging the man of steel. Bosworth is very cute but both her and Brandon Routh seem too young for their roles. With the premise of the story being 5 years after Chris Reeve’s Superman 2 then both characters have somehow miraculously lost about ten years instead of gaining 5 maybe that can work for Superman who doesn’t age the same as a human but it certainly does not work for a new mother who is also a hard working Pulitzer prize winning journalist. And while Routh was stiff and brought nothing new to the role he did look the part, even if his acting needs a little work, I think he was a decent choice. The problem is that he seems to have created this role by watching Reeve in the older movies and just recreating it, I would have liked something more from him and hope that he can add more depth in the inevitable sequels. For now, my favorite Superman is still Tom Welling. The scene stealer, not surprisingly, is Parker Posey who seems to do that in every movie she is in, maybe she is an acquired taste but I love her as an actress. Rounding out the cast worth caring about were Sam Huntington as Jimmie Olsen, James Marsden as Richard White and forgive me for not doing more research but I don’t care who the kid was that played Jason Lane or the name of the guy who played Perry White. That said they all did good jobs in their roles, nothing spectacular, although I did find the kid to be pretty impressive.

The plot was somewhat reminiscent of the first movie but nowhere near as good as the second, it was however much better than Supermans 3 and 4. Since this story wipes out both the 3rd and 4th they have to give us a new story of how Luthor gets out of jail, thankfully Singer does it very quickly and gets to the business at hand. They also do a very short retelling of Clark’s time in Smallville, again thankful because the fans don’t need a retelling of the back story, we get it. While Supes is returning to the world after finding a dead Krypton, Luthor and his bumbling henchman are off in search of the Fortress of Solitude and the technology from Krypton. That part of the story is interesting but Luthor making another stupid land grab with it and in the process killing “billions” is stupid and unoriginal. Still, the players do a good job and the movie does not leave you bored. There is a good love story between Lois and Supe which is a little too much for some fans but I didn’t mind it. Poor James Marsden seems subjugated to being part of a love triangle in every film Singer makes. I wonder if that’s because Singer has a crush. Wrapping this up since I need to get back to the work that pays me I will say this, the movie was light on action, I could have used a lot more in a 2 hour + film, but the story was good enough to keep me entertained and the movie looked great, which gives me hope that future movies in this franchise can introduce us to better villains with more action than the weak “Luthor has some Kryptonite” game. I would definitely recommend seeing this movie in theaters, I saw it at Imax and despite getting a little dizzy at times it was a great experience.


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