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Naming your car

Less than a week ago I got a new car and began the process of naming it. Most people might think that is some easy task but for those who truly care it is not. First, I needed a few days to get a feel for the car so I could decide whether it had a masculine or feminine nature. In the end she would prove to be a strong but beautiful girl and so the search for a name began. When finding a girls name to give your car you need something that flows with manufacturer given title which also limits you. Then you need a strong sense of meaning behind the name, because not only should the name fit your car but the essence of that name should also fit. My first instinct was to name the car Harley Quinn Honda, for those who don’t know Harley Quinn is a character from the Batman comics, she is a villain who is aligned with the Joker and I just liked the name. But on second glance having the name of a motorcycle for your car wasn’t a great fit, even if the name was a play on harlequin.

I mulled that decision for a few days while I enlisted help from some of my loyal observers, one of whom has been very helpful. She actually helped name my last car but this time was proving more difficult. She first suggested both her and her sisters names before suggesting Anya, which I initially said no to but I am now back at considering. So, the research of this name began and what I found is quite intriguing. The name itself has roots in Irish but is most common as a Russian form of Anna. But what is more important to me at least in this case is where the name was notably used, and I found three instances. The first one and the one that actually sparked the suggestion was the Disney movie Anastasia about a displaced member of the royal family who grew up as an orphan. I have never seen the movie but I hear good things and who doesn’t like the story of an orphan becoming a princess, and since my last car was named for a princess shouldn’t this one be too?

Never seeing the movie Anastasia and naming my car after an orphan who eventually takes on another name altogether wasn’t enough for me, so I found more uses of the name, and the next one I found was Anya Corazon a member of the Marvel universe, now we are talking. This Anya is a super hero, a member of webcorps and a hunter for the Spider Society. She is small, like my car, but she is much stronger than her appearance and is very agile. Anya is a kid from Brooklyn who fights for good, some pretty good characteristics if you ask me but not quite enough.

Then I found one more, and this one is a bit murky for me, a character from Buffy was also named Anya. Now I never watched that show so I only know what I have read of the character. At least the picture I found of the actress who played her looks good. But the characters backstory is kind of scary, this version of Anya is a vengeance demon or was before the show then not for a while then was again, it is kind of confusing. At least there was some good in her and might still be so it wont deter me from using the name, because everyone needs a little magic.

And with all that said I am going to let that name marinate for a few days and see how I feel about it after the weekend. Given all this, imagine how hard it will be for me to name a kid. Opinions welcome.


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