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"Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold..."

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I have a lot more questions than answers, but I just keep asking. I constantly want to leave, but somehow manage to stay. I am both perfectly happy and completely miserable because of it. I think I am misunderstood but that could just be a huge misunderstanding, either way I guess the best way to put it is, "I ain't often right, but I've never been wrong."


I got nothing, so heres a picture

I couldnt think of anything to write yesterday or today so I thought I'd just put up a picture. Maybe I am more inspired by the bad weather than I thought. Oh well, hopefully I will be back next week with some good weekend stories. Take care.


You Can’t Always Get What You Want (My Superman Returns Review)

My posts the past couple of days have been real gloomy; it must have been the weather around here. If you haven’t heard the Mid-Atlantic is flooding, 12 people have died, and it has been raining non stop since Saturday. In Maryland they were close to losing a dam which would put parts of the state under 19 feet of water. So, you can imagine my relief when the sun came out yesterday for the first time in days and even more so when I saw it was still sunny this morning. Last night I went to see Superman Returns, no rain on the way to the show but the ground was wet and the air was cool on my way home. It ended up being perfect sleeping weather so instead of writing this immediately after the show I just slept on it and hope I don’t leave anything out now.

Superman Returns starred Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. As a huge Luthor fan myself I would have to say that I really dislike the way the movies portray him, they make him too campy to be the super villain that is capable of challenging the man of steel. Bosworth is very cute but both her and Brandon Routh seem too young for their roles. With the premise of the story being 5 years after Chris Reeve’s Superman 2 then both characters have somehow miraculously lost about ten years instead of gaining 5 maybe that can work for Superman who doesn’t age the same as a human but it certainly does not work for a new mother who is also a hard working Pulitzer prize winning journalist. And while Routh was stiff and brought nothing new to the role he did look the part, even if his acting needs a little work, I think he was a decent choice. The problem is that he seems to have created this role by watching Reeve in the older movies and just recreating it, I would have liked something more from him and hope that he can add more depth in the inevitable sequels. For now, my favorite Superman is still Tom Welling. The scene stealer, not surprisingly, is Parker Posey who seems to do that in every movie she is in, maybe she is an acquired taste but I love her as an actress. Rounding out the cast worth caring about were Sam Huntington as Jimmie Olsen, James Marsden as Richard White and forgive me for not doing more research but I don’t care who the kid was that played Jason Lane or the name of the guy who played Perry White. That said they all did good jobs in their roles, nothing spectacular, although I did find the kid to be pretty impressive.

The plot was somewhat reminiscent of the first movie but nowhere near as good as the second, it was however much better than Supermans 3 and 4. Since this story wipes out both the 3rd and 4th they have to give us a new story of how Luthor gets out of jail, thankfully Singer does it very quickly and gets to the business at hand. They also do a very short retelling of Clark’s time in Smallville, again thankful because the fans don’t need a retelling of the back story, we get it. While Supes is returning to the world after finding a dead Krypton, Luthor and his bumbling henchman are off in search of the Fortress of Solitude and the technology from Krypton. That part of the story is interesting but Luthor making another stupid land grab with it and in the process killing “billions” is stupid and unoriginal. Still, the players do a good job and the movie does not leave you bored. There is a good love story between Lois and Supe which is a little too much for some fans but I didn’t mind it. Poor James Marsden seems subjugated to being part of a love triangle in every film Singer makes. I wonder if that’s because Singer has a crush. Wrapping this up since I need to get back to the work that pays me I will say this, the movie was light on action, I could have used a lot more in a 2 hour + film, but the story was good enough to keep me entertained and the movie looked great, which gives me hope that future movies in this franchise can introduce us to better villains with more action than the weak “Luthor has some Kryptonite” game. I would definitely recommend seeing this movie in theaters, I saw it at Imax and despite getting a little dizzy at times it was a great experience.


Saying goodbye to a house

Although I have been living at my new place for a few weeks already tonight will be my last official night over at my old house. My old roommates and I are going to get together to remove any remaining garbage and things we still need to get out of there then give the house a thorough cleaning. There may be a few things left until Wednesday night but my best guess is that we have the house empty and clean before the night is out.

This is hardly new for me but there are many people who spend long amounts of time in the same place and I could see it being hard for them to move on. One of my old roommates is admittedly a little sad about it claiming, “It’s just like the end of camp”. Which is sort of true, I’d say leaving camp is a lot more depressing since people are going back to the real world, but still there is a certain feeling that something is over and never will be the same again.

I have lived in so many houses in my life that I am used to this feeling, the constant moving, always leaving another set of memories behind. It used to be that the unpacking wasn’t even finished before you were packing up again. Such is the life of someone on the run I guess. If you don’t grow roots its hard to get attached to anything.

2 houses in Minnesota

Condo in Miami

House in Hollywood

Plantation TH

The Waves

A different Plantation TH


2 Dorms

Frat House

University Commons

2 houses in Gville

Jax 5 points

The Elms of Oakton

Vienna TH

Falls Church house in the woods

Adding it all up that is 18 different residences in 25 years. Which makes me think are you fucking kidding me? I mean the whole time since I left for college makes sense and if you take that away as a time when people move a lot anyway it still looks messed up. I lived in 8 different places before I was old enough to vote. Granted there were certain unavoidable circumstances involved in all of that but still it has to have a profound effect on someone.

This leads to my feeling that a house is just a house. I have never had a home, no place has ever felt like home anyway. My home I carry with me wherever I go because that’s just the way my life has been, it is easier to internalize the things that make you feel at home than it is move them, so your memories become less about pictures in the frames than they are about feelings in your heart. And I guess that is why I continue to move around with such ease, a house is just another place; I don’t feel any attachment to it. It’s not mobile enough to gain my trust. Now a car, that is my kind of object, you name your car, you can love your car; I even talk to my car. She is part of my family because she gets me where I need to go, what did a house ever do for you? And then again, maybe I am wrong about all of this, maybe I missed out by never having a place that held my memories, a place that I can visit. Maybe all I am really looking for is that place, somewhere to not only feel home the way I do in the presence of family but to know that I am home when you are sitting all alone. A place that is full of years of memories, where a simple kitchen isn’t just a place where you make meals but where stories were told and things were learned. I guess we all want what we didn’t have growing up but I am still happy with what I did have, plenty of mobile memories that are jumbled up between so many different places.



Lately my posts have gotten away from my original intent. They have been choppy, at times clumsy and not exactly what I have wanted. But they have also been very descriptive of my life recently, which has been choppy and clumsy and at times completely incoherent. Of course, with any person there is a lot going on, there always is but that is no excuse for getting away from what I wanted to do and that was explain myself. Not because I have something to explain for but because I find myself to be one of those multi layered individuals that sometimes has a hard time being understood. That was my first goal, with my second to share some of the wisdom that I have gathered in my life with people I care about. Lately I have not let you in or made you better, it is possible I have been self editing and it is possible that I am suppressing my own true feelings for what reason I do not know. And I am not promising that I will always stick to the point but I am going to try to be more focused and discuss things of importance starting today.

With that in mind I have had two subjects bandying about my brain lately that I have not known how to express. One is a recurring theme in my life and the other has been a recurring influence.

My Grandma

My Wandering Soul

My Grandma

Of all things I have tried to write lately this is consistently the hardest, the one I start so often only to abandon because it is just too hard to put into words. Even now I sit in front of my computer just staring. I never really confront the enormous impact my Grandparents have had on my life. When my Grandpa died I barely shed a tear, and it wasn’t because I didn’t miss him or because I wasn’t sad it was because I could not confront how much it meant to lose him. Now nearly three years later and I am witnessing my Grandma deteriorate so quickly that it is a bit shocking. Just before Thanksgiving her and I were having lunches together at Deli Den and now she is too frail and sick to leave the house. It is very sad and hard to comprehend but I feel the next flight I take to see my family will be to Minnesota so that we can bury my Grandmother next to my Grandfather.

Shortly after I saw her in November she had a car accident that totaled her car. She doesn’t really remember what happened that day and the doctors aren’t entirely sure either, there may have been a stroke or just a black out but its really not important. Regardless, after that my Mother moved back down to South Florida to live with and take care of Grandma and in the months since she has been there she has witnessed her quick deterioration. Her memory is fading fast and sometimes it seems that she is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, she can have entire conversations with my Mom and not know who she is. It is quite sad to see, yet I am so thankful that the two times I saw her recently she knew exactly who I was, and told me that she knew I loved her and that she loved me. What makes matters worse is that you can see the physical deterioration that is occurring; she weighs next to nothing, moves very slowly with a walker and needs oxygen to help her breathe at times. My Mom has been so strong throughout this whole ordeal since she is the only one who actually confronts it on a daily basis but when she told me how much Grandma now weighs she nearly lost it. Mom did manage to contain herself that day but every phone call worries me, every time I answer the phone to a slight pause I wait for a choked voice on the other end and my Mom’s apology as if it were here fault.

There is nothing to be sorry for, I just hope that when that time comes I will be strong enough to comfort my family the way they will need. In private I will have my moments of sadness but in the face of my loved ones I will muster the strength to make them believe that the end of ones life is not a time for sadness but for celebration of the imprint that that life has left on everyone they have touched.

My Wandering Soul

I have always had a bit of a gypsy soul, a bit of a wandering Jew in me, a part of me that always wants to be away from where I am. The truth is my head and my heart is rarely in the same place and everyday I fight the urge to stay the course. It is not so much that I want to run away from anything, life isn’t bad, it’s that I enjoy the feeling of the freedom you get from roaming. There is a certain lack of responsibility about it and also something peaceful about it. To me it is never a specific place, a destination; it is always the journey that draws me. It is the idea of the lonely road, the experience that pulls at my heart while my head works at a desk. I look out a window and see roads, gateways to freedom, movement and I feel peace. Life may be one great journey but in this age there are too few times when a man wanders the world alone to find himself. There are no more motorcycle rides through the Midwest, no more beatniks catching trains and hitching rides from New York to San Francisco.

As I sit here in the living room of my new house with a thunderstorm raging outside and water leaking in the kitchen I wonder if I can be that person. The one who takes the soul searching trip that not only changes me but everyone whom comes to find out about it. And if I do accomplish this goal, if I find my journey, what do I do then? My best guess is that my first step would be west, right through the center of the country with no itinerary, no schedule; only what I could bring with me. Now if I could just get my head out of this equation I’d be gone tonight. But no, my head is still winning this battle and at least for the time being my internal war rages on. And yet I know one day my heart will wear down my head and I will leave this responsible world behind to find whatever it is I seem to need.


Bachelor Party Blues

Over the past few years I have had a good amount of friends getting married. That is all good in my opinion, but it is such a burden on young friends to come up with the money for today’s weddings and bachelor parties. My first problem is that most of my friends have moved on to very different places since school so any wedding ultimately means travel and a hotel. But to make matters worse bachelor parties have become trips of their own. This isn’t like even 5 to 10 years ago when my cousin got married and had his bachelor party a couple of nights before the wedding. Now on top of flight and hotel and presents (if they are lucky) I also have to get flights and hotel to some bachelor party destination. I know that this all sounds like a bunch of whining and it is, but here is my real problem with the situation; everyone wants to do the same exact fucking thing for the bachelor party every time. I have been to three friends bachelor parties and 2 of them were in Las Vegas, both of those involved wearing leisure suits. And here we are again, planning another friends bachelor party (a friend who has said he is not interested in a return to Vegas) and what does everyone want to do? That’s right go to Vegas and wear leisure suits. I love Vegas, I really do but with all the other great bachelor party destination possibilities out there I don’t want to spend another $1000+ on a trilogy. Let’s face it just like with movies they only get worse the more times you make ‘em. Hopefully, the bachelor will veto this since all of my suggestions have already been vetoed by a mob of unoriginal assholes.

Sick Day

Yesterday I took my first Sick Day in my professional life and I must say it was amazing. I was probably more tired than sick but after spending an entire day either in bed or on the couch I feel much better. It was really the perfect day, woke up and had a small breakfast, watched the US soccer game, laid in bed and watched movies, played video games and finished the night off back on the couch watching the entire Minnesota Twins v. Houston Astros game. Francisco Liriano is sick, sick, sick and he is only 22 and already throwing some of the nastiest stuff I have ever seen. If he or Johan are pitching in Baltimore in the fall I am going. After the game was done so was I, and for the first time in a while I actually got a full nights sleep despite the horrible storm raging outside last night.

And here is a picture of the capitol building of the state of Florida. Remind you of anything?


Heat, Headaches and Harry Potter

Last night Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship. I don’t even like the Miami Heat but it was a really fun game to watch, especially since I was intoxicated on wings and beer. From the Big Hunt to Buffalo Billiards the Heat bandwagon was out in full force in DC. There were maybe two poor Dallas Mavericks fans in the bar but this year the Florida magic was too much and Florida is truly the state of Basketball for 2006. Now if we could just translate some of this good fortune back to Football I think all of us can sleep a little better at night.

Of course I stayed out way too late and had to be at work early this morning, meaning a lovely headache and no time for breakfast. Fortunately, I did get to take a new employee out for a company lunch (I love my Corporate Card). Unfortunately, this new employee is a former Penn State Linebacker who was an electrical engineering major, so I feel like a slacker. But I bet my Poli Sci degree made college a lot easier and a lot drunker than his experience. My headache is just now a dull pain but that should be gone by the time I get my massage (yeah that’s right I am getting a massage).

And finally this has nothing to do with anything other than Ms. Emma Watson, the young actress who plays Hermione Granger in Harry Potter might be young (16 I believe) but that girl loves her some Corona. As a fan of the movies but not one of those nerds who reads the books I actually like that she is doing this as long as she doesn’t end up like some of those other washed up child stars.


Happy Hour goes to 11

Last night was my first happy hour of the week and since I didn’t arrive until 7 thanks to horrible weather and worse drivers we had to make the most out of it and stay way past normal happy hours. The event itself was small and fun but mostly uneventful, although it did confirm the fact that the only people I know here in happy relationships met there significant others elsewhere. After several Negra Modelos and some chicken quesadillas it was time to get my car out of the lot and head home. Hopefully I didn’t make too much noise since the house was pitch black and everyone was either not home or passed out. Either way my new roommates and I are running on very different schedules and I doubt we are going to cross paths very often.

Tonight is Happy Hour and Heat game which means an even later night and a serious debate on whether to drive in to the city or take the metro which means I will risk getting stuck in the city. On the other hand driving means I have to drink less and that’s not fun.

Plans for Thursday may have to be cancelled since the Twins will be playing the Astros in Roger Clemens season debut on ESPNHD. It is very rare that I get to see the Twins play and even rarer, at least until now, could I see them in beautiful Hi Def. Now watching the game and not going out means I have to get the cable box for my room which hasn’t exactly been solved yet. That is the only problem with never seeing your new roommates, I need the one in control of the cable to give me the account info so I can get the cable box for my room.


Do not watch Pirated movies

Two posts in one day!!! I must be crazy, this is completely out of the ordinary but there has been a lot going on and it doesn't always fit in one stream of thought. Anyway, after all my moving and unpacking and getting everything set up all I wanted to do last night was throw on the basketball game and go to sleep. Unfortunately, for reasons I do not understand the cable in my new room only gets 40 channels, no locals and nothing that I usually watch except for Cartoon Network. But I have to have the TV on to fall asleep so I decided I should rent a movie. I drove all the way to blockbuster and didn't bring my card, I bet I could have asked them to just look me up in the computer or something but I decided to buy a couple of previously viewed flicks instead. One of the ones I got was Batman Begins which I had seen when it was still in theaters on a pirated DVD. When I watched it was nothing short of terrible, it was so dark and seemed so slow and hard to follow that I really thought the movie just sucked. Everyone I told this to thought I was crazy and that this was the best Batman since Michael Keaton and yada yada. As I was walking to the checkout line with two other movies I saw Batman Begins and figured why not give it a second chance and I am really glad I did. First of all the picture quality was gorgeous and the sound was great, I was actually afraid my new roommates would be upset from how loud some of the scenes were. This time I did not find the movie slow or dark or hard to follow at all, I thought it was a great flick, probably the best of the recent comic book movies. So, I recommend that everyone stop watching Pirated movies, the ones you can buy on the street or the ones you can download that some dumb ass filmed on a steady cam in a theater. They are all crap and they are ruining the movie industry. Well that and the over inflated costs the studios are charging but thats another story. Now, should you not follow this advice and still choose to watch a pirated movie please make sure that it is a downloadable DVD rip, those are the only versions that will retain the intended quality. Good luck.

Feast or Famine

I first heard this term in regards to relationships when I was in 10th or 11th grade. The person bringing this up was my TV teacher (yes I took TV in High School and its harder than you think). Sure it was inappropriate but who cares its one of those things I have remembered for years, even after I forgot how to white balance a camera or set up a tripod. Anyway, the point of the story is that things in life are sometimes just that, either feast or famine. Rarely do we ever live in that perfect balance where things are just right. Whether it is work or family, school or play and even relationships it really does seem that we are either in feast or famine. When it comes to relationships this is mostly true post-education, during college and especially high school you were in perpetual feast, how could you not be? But, now in the real world things just have a way of going through peaks and valleys.

Currently my activity level is clearly in feast mode, I am busier than I can remember in a long time but in the relationship department total famine, I am surprised I have not given up yet. Most people will admit DC has just above the worst dating scene in the country (I agree) on top of that add my impossible standards and my 2% clause*, simply put trying to meet someone in DC is going to kill me. It is kind of frustrating and while this is not where I intended to go with this entry I couldn’t help it, I go out a lot, have a solid group of friends and just about everything in place to meet someone yet I never do. Certainly some of the blame for that falls on me but there also needs to be something to work with and here there just isn’t. My married buddy Mike jokes that I need to go find a girl and move back here, after all that is what he did and it's working out for him just fine. I like DC, I like my job, I have great friends now I just need to get that other part of my life in order, which is partially why I am busier than ever.

Since I returned from Florida on the 11th I have been nonstop between working and moving and it hasn’t died down yet. I spent every night after work last week either packing, cleaning or actually moving things. By Friday night I was so dead that I could barely move let alone go out, so I stayed in in anticipation of long Saturday and Sunday of packing and moving. The move went so well Saturday with the help of just married friend Mike that all the major items were moved and the truck was returned by 10 am. I spent the rest of the day setting up and organizing and shopping for little things that I still needed. That night I met up with some friends for dinner and a few drinks and probably would have gone out had I not been so tired. Sunday was more of the same, moving, and unpacking and shopping for things I apparently didn’t realize I would need. Last night I crashed early and you would think after all that I would just want to sleep all week but no such luck here, there is a feast of activity this week which includes: Happy Hour tonight at Rio Grande Ballston for a co-worker who left my project, Happy Hour and the Heat Game tomorrow night in Dupont Circle, Wednesday night massage (I need one bad), Thursday night another work Happy Hour. How long can these feasts and famines last?

* The 2% clause is a little known rule developed over years of studying and a lot of Grandma given guilt that I will only date Jewish girls. I love my Grandma a ton but she is not the only reason I follow this rule, there are the case studies of two relatives that married converts only to end up in divorce, one of which in a battle over their kids religious upbringing, and my own experiences with shiksas that has helped me come to realize that while it may not be perfect I would prefer meeting another Jew simply because its one less thing to worry about. Not that I wouldn’t break this rule in the right situation but I find it’s good to have ideals.


When you have two homes you don’t have one

I am in the process of moving right now so blogging will be even lighter than usual. After spending the fastest, busiest two days possible in Florida I got back to the DCA and immediately started moving out of my townhouse. I have the townhouse for the rest of the month and I started the lease at my new place as of 6-10 so I have two homes. And since I returned on Sunday I have been at both everyday with hardly anytime to enjoy either. This weekend will be the big move after which I will finally start sleeping at my new place. In between moving I have managed to sell my 160 lb. TV on Craig’s List so I don’t have to move it myself and I hope to be able to catch game 3 of the NBA finals tonight. There is also a documentary on Superman on tonight that I want to watch but doubt I will have time. Fortunately they are putting that out on DVD next week. I also ended up missing the season premiere of Entourage on Sunday, the sacrifices one must make in order to move. I am skipping this weekends other big event, a night out in honor of the Washington Post’s newest employee and brother of the Mintcent, not to mention missing the majority of World Cup games. I can not wait until I am settled in and can finally relax for a minute. Since last Thursday life has been hectic.

I need a good beach vacation.


A few days in Florida

I am in Florida for a few days to see my Mom and Grandma. Got in late last night and caught the Heat's loss to the Mavericks in game 1 of the NBA Finals. Everywhere we went was packed with people watching the game, there are no better bandwagon fans than in Miami.

As always Florida is brutally hot and equally humid so I don't think I will be spending too much time outside this weekend. I am actually not even attempting to see a lot of people as this trip is to see my Grandma one more time just in case I don't have another opportunity. That doesn't mean I won't get out to see my friends, as a matter of fact I am going to a movie with lovely and talented tonight, and hopefully catching up with some of my boys after that or tomorrow. But, mostly I am here to spend time with family because no matter how much time you spend with them when you can't do it anymore it always seems like you didn't see them enough. I am afraid of what is to come but I am happy I am able to get at least this one more opportunity to see my history and should I get another opportunity it will just be icing on the cake.

Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.
- Bob Dylan


Do you ever wonder what if?

It is the time of year at work when we all find out about our yearly compensation increases (or lack thereof) and about promotions. And in a way for me this time of year is a reflection of the decision I made two years ago now to take a job instead of continuing on with my education. At the time the decision was simple, I got my loan packet and my job offer within days of each other and when I sat down and looked at both of them I preferred the net gain to the net loss. It is possible that I would have made more money after going to law school, but I was just sick of living off loans and scholarships and wanted to start moving forward with my life so I took the job. There are moments when I regret the decision, usually in the anticipation of hearing about a promotion or raise, times when I wonder what my life would have been like had I taken a different route.

The ultimate question is would I be happier as a law student in San Diego? Maybe. I don’t know for sure, how could I, but it is one of those thoughts that never seem to leave me. If I had gone to San Diego in the fall of 04 I would have just finished my second year of Law School. Obviously that would have only been possible had I succeeded there and it’s hard to say that would have been the case. Still, this summer I would most likely be looking for an internship or traveling abroad to study international law and I would be looking forward to my final year of school. I think I would have liked the San Diego weather a little more but I have come to enjoy the seasons here as well. I do miss the beach a lot and I think that is something that would have been nice. But then there are the friends, law school clear across the country would have kept me very far from a great group of people. But the unknown possibilities that not knowing a soul offers is quite intriguing to me as well. If I were in Law School the progression would have felt natural where at work I have felt that I have not been moving forward, because the feedback is not as easy to come by. But, then there are days like today when you realize you were making progress even though you didn’t notice it.

I will never know if I would have been happier in debt while studying law on the beaches of San Diego but I do know that I have a good job here in DC. A job that just gave me a promotion and a really nice raise.

Sunday Baseball

I wanted to post this yesterday but CBP had a network issue and my phone was ringing off the hook.

Sunday was the final game of a weekend series between the Yankees and the Orioles. About ten of my friends got some great upper deck seats and took off for Baltimore to enjoy the game. And trust me it was worth it. There is not a bad seat in Camden Yards and although I was rooting for the Yankees who in turn were routed, I did have a great time and I won $10 bucks. Thank you Javy Lopez, gambling is fun. I hope we can make it to some more games this summer, maybe even check out the Nationals and some of their dreaded National League opponents.


Naming your car

Less than a week ago I got a new car and began the process of naming it. Most people might think that is some easy task but for those who truly care it is not. First, I needed a few days to get a feel for the car so I could decide whether it had a masculine or feminine nature. In the end she would prove to be a strong but beautiful girl and so the search for a name began. When finding a girls name to give your car you need something that flows with manufacturer given title which also limits you. Then you need a strong sense of meaning behind the name, because not only should the name fit your car but the essence of that name should also fit. My first instinct was to name the car Harley Quinn Honda, for those who don’t know Harley Quinn is a character from the Batman comics, she is a villain who is aligned with the Joker and I just liked the name. But on second glance having the name of a motorcycle for your car wasn’t a great fit, even if the name was a play on harlequin.

I mulled that decision for a few days while I enlisted help from some of my loyal observers, one of whom has been very helpful. She actually helped name my last car but this time was proving more difficult. She first suggested both her and her sisters names before suggesting Anya, which I initially said no to but I am now back at considering. So, the research of this name began and what I found is quite intriguing. The name itself has roots in Irish but is most common as a Russian form of Anna. But what is more important to me at least in this case is where the name was notably used, and I found three instances. The first one and the one that actually sparked the suggestion was the Disney movie Anastasia about a displaced member of the royal family who grew up as an orphan. I have never seen the movie but I hear good things and who doesn’t like the story of an orphan becoming a princess, and since my last car was named for a princess shouldn’t this one be too?

Never seeing the movie Anastasia and naming my car after an orphan who eventually takes on another name altogether wasn’t enough for me, so I found more uses of the name, and the next one I found was Anya Corazon a member of the Marvel universe, now we are talking. This Anya is a super hero, a member of webcorps and a hunter for the Spider Society. She is small, like my car, but she is much stronger than her appearance and is very agile. Anya is a kid from Brooklyn who fights for good, some pretty good characteristics if you ask me but not quite enough.

Then I found one more, and this one is a bit murky for me, a character from Buffy was also named Anya. Now I never watched that show so I only know what I have read of the character. At least the picture I found of the actress who played her looks good. But the characters backstory is kind of scary, this version of Anya is a vengeance demon or was before the show then not for a while then was again, it is kind of confusing. At least there was some good in her and might still be so it wont deter me from using the name, because everyone needs a little magic.

And with all that said I am going to let that name marinate for a few days and see how I feel about it after the weekend. Given all this, imagine how hard it will be for me to name a kid. Opinions welcome.


Spontaneous post

I have been making quick decisions over the past couple of days. Which for me isnt that unusual except I normally regret those decisions after a day or two but this time it doesnt feel that way at all. I have actually been making decisions that I feel good about and that hasnt happened in a long time. Over this past week, I have bought a car (who still needs a name by the way), decided on new roommates and a new house to live in, and just this morning I booked a flight to Florida for next Thursday. Normally when making decisions I talk myself in circles before deciding to either go through with it or not. And I usually do not like the decision a few days later, it is quite frustrating. But right now things are going well for me, life is pretty stable, and my only problem is that I can't figure out why? Truthfully, though that is one answer I really dont need. I will just take the good fortune knowing there are some trying times in my near future, but that is a topic for another time that I just don't have the heart to write today.