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My new car needs a name

It didn't take me very long to resolve my car issue. Thanks to a little help from my Grandpa, I was able to make a good decision and resolve my no car problem on Sunday. Now I just need to name my new ride. This will be my 4th car, the previous three were two boys and a girl, so I am not sure what the new one is yet, but I think I will figure it out in a few days. If you have a suggestion let me know.


Blogger Kate said...

I feel like this car is a male. Then again, judging by looks never got a person anywhere. You'll probably come to definate conclusion when you drive it. :)


8:12 PM  
Blogger Leaf said...

The debate over the car name is still raging. After driving it for a few days I am leaning towards female names. Since this is my first car car, after driving a bunch of SUVs she feels a lot softer than the more rugged rough riding American trucks I drove. I hope to have her named by Sunday. After all a family member needs a name.

10:00 AM  

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