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I have a lot more questions than answers, but I just keep asking. I constantly want to leave, but somehow manage to stay. I am both perfectly happy and completely miserable because of it. I think I am misunderstood but that could just be a huge misunderstanding, either way I guess the best way to put it is, "I ain't often right, but I've never been wrong."


How's my driving?

The last few days have felt like an eternity. Full of motion and activity and very little time for sleep so here is the full update on my weekend.

Friday: After 5 ½ hours of sleep I hit the road out of VA at about 6 am. For the next ten hours I was in my car, mostly on 95 S trying to keep the cruise control just below 15 over the speed limit. With the Ipod plugged into the car the drive was a piece of cake up until about the last hour where highway hypnosis and a serious case of exhaustion started getting to me. But I did make it and after about ten hours and a 25 degree change in the weather I stepped out of my car in Jacksonville to the humidity and heat that I did not miss at all. Friday night I caught up with two friends from college and grabbed a few drinks at a bar on Jax beach, bars like this are one of the things I miss about Florida, the bar we went to was like a back deck at someone’s house with a pool to the right and the ocean just steps away. The smell and the sound alone makes for a great atmosphere before you add in the backyard feel of the bar itself. Still, the night was short and I had a lot to do the next day so my friends and I parted ways until the next time we can get together.

Saturday: Another early morning was spent in my car. This time I left Jacksonville around 8 am to head to Gainesville for a day on campus getting National Champions gear and checking out the Spring football game. First stop that morning was at Dunkin Donuts before taking the 10 W to 301, then following that through speed traps all the way to Gainesville. Once in Gainesville I pulled up to the Campus bookstore and wandered around looking for any Gator stuff I could find, this was actually the first time I bought a shirt that said basketball on it instead of Football. After killing about an hour there I headed over to my old Fraternity house to see how crappy the place looked and meet up with another friend who also in town for the day. Had a couple of beers then walked around University Ave. and headed over to the stadium to watch one of our Fraternity brothers play in the All-Star Flag Football game in the Swamp. After the Flag football game we watched warm-ups then the first half of the Orange and Blue game before a rain delay got me to head out of town.

I left Gainesville a little earlier than expected but the weather slowed me down enough that I still didn’t reach Ft. Lauderdale until after 8 pm. I pulled up to my friends house, grabbed a beer, skipped dinner, jumped in the shower and within a few hours and a few drinks we were back out the door and on the way to a party. This was the first house party I had been to in years and it wasn’t like any of the ones I remembered from high school, thrown at an empty rental property the house had basically no furniture but did have three bartenders and an open bar, as well as a hookah room. I am not sure if it was not eating or the Vodka but I was pretty drunk and telling ridiculous (because not a word of it was true) stories to people I had never met before. I really wanted to eat after the party but at 5 am we decided to just go home and go to bed. I got a solid 3 hours of sleep that night.

Sunday: I guess a lot of what happened on Saturday night really was Sunday morning but there wasn’t much to tell of Sunday, I lounged around most of the day, got a Publix sub and waited to go to dinner with the family. I met up with my mom and grandma before heading over to my aunt’s place for dinner. When we got there we got to meet up with my aunt and uncle, my uncle’s brother and his wife, my cousin who lives in Miami and my other cousin from Minnesota who was in town with his wife and son. Dinner was good and seeing the family is great, I actually think I want kids now just so I have an excuse to watch more cartoons than I already do. After dinner I headed back home and got some much needed sleep.

Monday: Sleep was great until I was woken up by whining dogs at 7 am today. I fought the whining for about a half hour before getting up and having coffee and Marians bagels. I followed that up with some yoga style stretching and am getting ready to head out to the pool with my cousin and his family. I have a feeling vacation is going to be very tiring.


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I love National Championships. Alabama treasures all 12 of them. How many does Florida have again? Like 2 or something?

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