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Kirby Puckett passes away at 44

Today is a very sad day for me and baseball fans everywhere. Kirby Puckett the star center fielder for both of the Minnesota Twins World Series Championship teams died today at the age of 44. Kirby always felt he would die young given that his parents both passed on before there 50th birthdays. In the years after he was forced out of baseball due to Glaucoma he really lived his life like he wanted to fulfill his own prophecy. Eventually, Kirby's bad health habits probably contributed to the massive stroke he suffered yesterday at his home in Arizona. I have seen many pictures of Kirby in recent years but this pic at left is how I will always remember him.

Kirby Puckett was my hero before I realized there are more important people in the world than athletes. Growing up baseball was everything and the Twins were my team. I sort of remember the 1987 World Series team where Kirby made his first big impression, I know I had the T-shirt from it, but I will always remember the 1991 series. I was living in Florida who at that time did not have a baseball team so most of my classmates were Atlanta Braves fans by default. I didn't care I wore my Twins gear with pride. I watched everyone of those games and Kirby was always there to make the big play. He hit the homerun that forced game 7 and made that amazing catch over the center field wall that probably saved a few runs. Jack Morris was brilliant against the young Braves pitchers, Kent Hrbek was solid and Chuck Knoblauch was still a second baseman but it was Kirby whom I loved. Kirby wasn't your typical player, he didn't look the part, but he played with an enthusiasm and passion that made fans everywhere love him, Bob Costas even gave his first born an extra middle name for Kirby. Kirby may have done some things after his playing days were over that weren't perfect but I will remember him as the player and person who showed me that you can play like its a game even if it is a job and that you can defy your own limitations with hard work and a positive attitude.


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