Free Leaf

"Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold..."

Location: Falls Church, Virginia, United States

I have a lot more questions than answers, but I just keep asking. I constantly want to leave, but somehow manage to stay. I am both perfectly happy and completely miserable because of it. I think I am misunderstood but that could just be a huge misunderstanding, either way I guess the best way to put it is, "I ain't often right, but I've never been wrong."


Why is this week longer than all other weeks?

No, that is not the fifth question asked at Passover seder, this week has really just felt longer than all others. It could be the huge weekend that is coming up or the small amount of work I have to do or it could be some cosmic shift. Either way this whole week has been torture and I can not wait for it to be Friday. The highlights of the past few days are pretty pathetic and boring as I found myself literally walking around my house looking for things to do many times. I did buy a new toaster and try to talk my mom into coming up for a visit. I also scheduled vacation time so I can go watch my sister graduate from Florida State University at the end of April. As you can see, not a very exciting week so lets look ahead.

I have my last meeting with my Army clients today at 1pm followed by a meeting tomorrow at 3 with my boss. Besides that I have to submit a few documents by COB Friday and as soon as I finish I am getting out of the house and heading into the city. I plan on being on the 5 o'clock metro, heading up to my buddies place to start drinking before meeting up with the other ones at Third Edition in Georgetown. Hopefully, I will take it easy so that we can start early again on Saturday for the first game of the Final Four, Florida v. GMU, at 6:07 pm. If all goes well, as it should, around 8:30 pm we will be making plans for Monday night and I will be thinking up excuses to skip work on Tuesday.

Go Gators!!



March is my favorite time of year. Sure its spring and the weather is finally starting to get warm outside. But most importantly there is always basketball on tv. This year the Gators are going on one hell of a run, returning to the Final Four for the third time and the second under Billy D. Basketball is not that important in the Sunshine state but it is sure becoming much more than a way to pass the time before Spring practice. The orange and blue game is on April 22nd by the way. So, my weekend and the last couple have been dedicated to the Mighty Gators who have not disappointed me yet. They should be the favorites to win the whole thing of the teams that are left and they have really been the most exciting team so far.

On Friday night the Gators played the Georgetown Hoyas in the round of 16 and being in DC my friends decided it would be a good idea to go to a Hoya bar. It ended up being a great idea. Scott and I got to the bar at 4:45 pm and were part of the first group of people to get into the bar when it opened at 5. Of course when it was just the two of us people were talking shit left and right, including the pretty boy bouncer who told us to find a new bar. We stayed, talked shit, saved room for the 50 or so other Gators who showed up to watch with us and out cheered all those private school kids. In all honesty, there was only one Hoya fan who was a real jerk, the rest were just being good fans and if I payed 100 grand for my undergrad degree I would be proud of it too. So, I really don't blame them but I was very happy when the bar cleared after we won. Even one of the bartenders told me he couldn't stand the Hoya fans and was glad that we won even though it hurt his pocket. By the end of the night I had been drinking for about 8 hours, the Gators won and I lost everyone I knew. Stumbling home drunk is actually a pretty good way to end a night in March.

Since the Gators won on Friday the party continued to Sunday. On Sunday a bunch of Gator friends got together at Buffalo Billiards in DC to watch the game against #1 seed Villanova, and of course the Gators won, getting revenge for last years tourney defeat. The Final Four is set, my plans aren't, but at least I know I have to be somewhere to watch the Gators take on George Mason at 6:07 pm Saturday night. Since I work with Mason grads I am tempted to go to the Mason bars and watch with them, on the other hand it would be cool to get another group of Gators together somewhere in DC, or I could go up to NY and watch the game at the Gin Mill with the Gotham Gators.

So I will close with two questions: 1. What should I do for the Gators Final Four run? and 2. Has anyone ever said Gators more in one short post?

Good night and Go Gators (If this doesn't make a lot of sense it's just because I'm drunk)


We Live in a Political World

“We live in a political world
Everything's hers and his
You can jump into the flame
And shout God's name
But you're not even sure what it is.”

Recently I have tried to avoid politics, but here in DC that is almost impossible to do. Even a friendly night out at dinner brings out some political conversation. My recent departure, or desire to avoid politics, has really come from what is a total disgust and lack of faith in our current representatives. The US Congress has been in session 19 days so far this year, earning there comparisons to the Do Nothing Congress. This has nothing to do with partisan politics since I am actually ashamed to be represented by everyone involved in American politics right now. I don’t think our elected leaders are doing anything but political grandstanding and they are certainly not acting in the best interests of their constituents. So, I took my leave but as always certain issues have claimed my attention and other individuals have made me consider my political leanings.

Last night at dinner for a friend’s birthday a few people began discussing their political ideologies by what party they vote for. One liberal attorney-to-be claimed to be a Democrat and called my roommate a Republican to which he replied to being a Libertarian, and they bantered back and forth until I interjected jokingly that I was an Anarchist. I have actually been half-jokingly claiming to be an Anarchist for quite some time but its not so much the ideals of Anarchism that I claim, its more so that I see myself actually outside of the political structure in the US. Anarchists for the most part are atheists which I am clearly not, however there is also a stream of religious Anarchist who feel there should be no authority but G-ds, I don’t really fall into that stream either since I feel that belief in G-d is an entirely personal thing. Where I do agree with Anarchists is that I do not think those who run for public office are doing so out of their desire to do good things for society. I think those who run for office in this country are doing so out of their own desire to succeed. Anarchists feel that if a person was a positive member of society that benefited all mankind in the actions of their daily life they wouldn’t have to leave that life to join the government. Compare that to those who say they dedicate their lives to the public good meanwhile they are oppressive bureaucrats who are wasting a large amount of our tax money and borrowing at a completely irresponsible rate, the debt ceiling was recently raised to 9 trillion. The question I am now consumed with when considering my political future is how I should handle this years elections and the big one in 2008? Currently I am at a loss, but if the elections were today my political statement would be the lack of a vote since I don’t have faith that new representatives would be any better than the ones we have now.

Given my lack of faith in the representatives I am happy to say that I still care very much about many issues. Two that I have been debating over the past couple of days have been obesity in America and the always hot-button issue of abortion. I am not really sure if obesity is a political issue but abortion certainly is. There is plenty of scientific data and more than enough controversial laws on either side of the debate. Where I stand on both issues actually falls in line, I don’t think it’s the governments job to make people more healthy and I also don’t think it’s the governments job to tell a woman or a couple what to do in their personal lives. I feel adult obesity is a matter of personal responsibility; I fully understand the fact that healthy food is more expensive than the unhealthy kind, and I know that the high number of obese people is driving up my cost of healthcare. Furthermore, I see people going out of their way to accommodate overweight people when they should be helping them cure their disease. Too many obese people are getting handicapped placards and using electric carts to get around grocery stores and occasionally people too heavy to sit in a regular airline seat are upgraded to larger first class seats. I think I deserve a first class seat for eating fruits and vegetables and working out five times a week, but I am not getting one. Still, though it upsets me I don’t think the government can do much to cure adult obesity.

Where I do think the government needs to do more is with our youth. Ultimately, I think parents who don’t promote a healthy lifestyle to their children are horrible parents but it is really hard to say what someone can do with their own children in their own home. So, the government should do its best where they can, in public schools. The physical education for elementary schools in some states has been dropped to a half hour a week. That is downright shameful, it should be at least 30 minutes a day and PE should stay mandatory all the way through 11th grade instead of just through 9th as it currently is in most states. Then there is the issue of the meals, they are terribly unhealthy and many schools have snack and soda machines in cafeterias full of more unhealthy options. I don’t think it would be so hard to provide sensible alternatives for kids who need to get at least one good meal a day. The third thing schools should be doing is promoting health and fitness more in the classroom, if there is a club like D.A.R.E that is anti-drug there should be one that is pro-health. Outside of the schools the only other area government can play a roll in helping our youth stay fit is with youth sports leagues and providing rec centers. Ideally, the costs of the sports leagues and the use of the rec centers would be minimal if not free. I would also hope that communities have scholarship funds available for local sports so that even the less fortunate can participate. I will continue to do my small part with my friends and family and if I ever have a family I will make sure that the kids are active and eat well from a very young age.

Having a family actually brings me back to the abortion issue. I have seen all the scientific findings and discussed the merits of zygotes and blastocysts and whether or not life begins at conception. I have even debated whether life is actually the term we should be debating since life could mean many things. Is there a difference between a fetus and a baby? I say yes, others say no. What about an acceptable time period for abortions? I would have no problem with that as long as it is based on some solid scientific facts and not political banter. So, I am pro-choice, and that has nothing to do with the religious aspects of the argument. It has to do with the pragmatic decisions people sometimes have to make in their personal lives and I fall on the side of responsibility. If an 18 year old girl who is not ready mentally or financially to support another life makes the best decision for her I would be all for that. Even today at 25 with a decent job it would be a tough decision to make and I do not envy anyone who has to make that decision but I still think it should remain a personal decision, one that the government has no business regulating. So that’s where I stand on the issue but I refuse to align myself with either side of this argument because they are so blinded by their single-minded pursuit of accomplishing their goals that good positive energy is wasted. Pro-lifers spend so much time and money trying to overturn Roe when they could be caring about the well-being of so many underprivileged children who are already alive. Meanwhile, Pro-choicers are spending all their energies keeping Roe legal instead of educating people properly and helping get people what they need to know on all their options. I hope this debate will someday end so that the well being of the living can once again be the focus of our pathetic politicians.

An end of sorts

I finished up my work at Ft. Jackson yesterday at noon and I could not wait to get out of there. The whole two weeks I worked down there ended up being a nightmare. Try training 100 soldiers to use a system that is for the most part completely against there way of thinking. You see our system is not linear like the thinking of the US Army, you can perform the functions in different orders and still get the same results, but in the army everything has a set way, a set order and so there is always some difficulty when training. On top of this throw in network problems on post and system outages back in Virginia and you get a stressful two weeks. I spent the majority of my time trying to re-create errors that users were getting and constantly calling or emailing back to Virginia to let them know of all the problems we were encountering. I am thankful that is over and thankful to be back in my own bed.

Outside of work I did enjoy my time in Columbia, SC. It was not the type of town I would live in now but I could certainly see why kids choose to go to college there. The atmosphere is great for a college town, the combination of college town and military base that is home to many new recruits must play out interestingly. The one thing I wish I had done but didn’t think of in time was make it to Myrtle Beach, I was only about two hours away and really should have taken the time get over there last weekend. I am not sure where my next client will take me, I am hoping to avoid NASA in Huntsville, or the Air Force in Provo, and maybe get lucky enough to land on one of the projects in Philly or Denver.


Hanging half a hundred on em

In 1995 the Florida Gators got to play in Samford stadium in Athens Georgia, a game normally played in Jacksonville at the World’s Largest Cocktail party. In that year the old Gator Bowl was being renovated to welcome Jacksonville’s new NFL team so the Dawgs and Gators got to play a home and home series for the first time in decades. Former Florida Coach Steve Spurrier went into Samford Stadium with his long memory of the rivalry and knew that no one had ever scored 50 on UGA at home. So, late in the game with the victory well in hand Spurrier called for a deep pass. Final score 52-17.

"A lot of our coaches had mentioned that nobody had ever scored 50 in this park before. ... This is probably the only time in our lifetime that we will play up here. We wanted to try to make it a memorable game for the Gators."

-Steve Spurrier

The above quote and story really has nothing to do with anything I am going to speak about today, it is only relevant because I realized that this is my 50th post and I wanted to share the memory of the days when the Gators hung half a hundred on their opponents regularly. So what is this 50th post about? Well, like most things with me it’s about a lot, my mind is so scattered that I really can not even begin to contain it, which is why I have a ton of short posts instead of many long ones. Looking back at my posts they are really all over the place, I have discussed politics, movies, tv, sports, given advice, spoke about my everyday life, complained about my job, and along the way I have found other blogs that inspire me or just entertain me. In all those pseudo discussions my goal has always been to inform people of what is on my mind and what is going on in my life, the initial thought was that my friends and family needed a place to go to really understand me. Unfortunately, I don’t think it has worked, some friends have blown this off because they “just don’t get it”, finding the whole thing ridiculous, while others do read it and enjoy it but I’m not sure they or I have gained any more insight into who I am.

About 4 months and 50 posts later I feel that starting this blog has been a step in a positive direction for me and as it evolves I feel it can become something special. The funny thing about today is that whether this was my 50th or not I was in a reflective mood, hotels do that to me after about 5 days. When you walk around a town, or sit down for a meal, or catch a movie in a town where there isn’t a soul that knows you many thoughts cross your mind. Some would feel lonely, and at times I guess I do, but mostly I enjoy the quiet and being able to step out and just observe. This world is a funny place and sometimes we get so consumed and comfortable in our own existence that we miss things going on around us. I know I am completely guilty of it, I am too comfortable and my creativity and desire has waned because of it. I still have so many questions and so few answers, the problem is that there is no pressure to answer those questions and I am not sure when there will ever be unless I force the issue.

Do I want to continue consulting? Should I go to law school? What about some other graduate program? When will I make it back to Israel? If I become more religious will that alienate my friends and family? Will I ever find a place that feels like home or will I continue to float through this world as a Leaf blowing in the wind? Will I find “the one” for me or will I always long for a lost love? The questions continue to mount and the answers become more elusive. And ironically they bring me to one more question; does all this make me crazy or just another 25 year old guy trying to find his way in life? So far, the journey has been full of ups and downs and whether I find the answers or not I am determined to enjoy the search.


Night out in Columbia

Every fielding trip I have made we have always taken the time to explore our surroundings. Columbia seems like it is one of the better places to do that, I am really looking forward to going down to 5 points this weekend for there big St. Patty’s bash. Comparing this to St. Robert, MO where the only place to go were Adult video stores and strip clubs the bars and restaurants of Columbia were definitely more fun.

My co-worker and I started out our night mooching free happy hour drinks at the Embassy Suites hotel in downtown Columbia. Why more people don’t find out about these hotel happy hours in there home towns and take full advantage is beyond me. After having a few beers at the hotel we headed over to the Liberty Tap Room and Grill, they had a great selection of beers and the food was decent, maybe I am not picky but I don’t think I have ever met a steak I haven’t liked. From the tap room we headed over to another bar/restaurant called the Flying Saucer where the waitresses were wearing Catholic School girl outfits. Complete torture the little skirts and the stockings, although I could have done without the South Carolina shirts. When I am traveling I do most of it alone so waitresses and bar tenders usually become my best friends in the towns I visit and these girls were close to the top of my list, all of them were friendly, attractive and helpful. Of course they have to be but still I found the ladies we dealt with to be nicer than most. The Flying Saucer was supposed to be the end to the night but somehow I got conned into checking out the strip club by the Embassy Suites, apparently the guy I work with had gone there the night before and wanted to go back and visit the dancer he met the night before. I had one beer, watched some dancing and then left my buddy there to do his thing. The truth is that I just don’t like strip clubs all that much, its not that I have something against it morally and I don’t think I even have a problem with the strippers per se but for some reason I have no desire to pay a girl, even a beautiful one with an adorable accent, to give me a dance. There is just something so dishonest about the whole thing that I guess I can not get over. I finished up the night by carefully driving back to my hotel, setting my alarm for three hours later and passing out. Today surprisingly has not been so rough.

Ft. Jackson

I guess it can’t hurt to describe what I am doing here in Columbia over these two weeks instead of just mentioning that I am here. This happens to be my last trip of many to Army bases all over the states where I have provided training on a learning management system that the US Army will eventually use to train and track the education of all of their soldiers. The list of bases includes: Ft. Eustis (Newport News, VA) Ft. Monroe (Hampton, VA), Ft. Leonard Wood (St. Robert, MO), Ft. Gordon (Augusta, GA), Ft. Sam Houston (San Antonio, TX), Ft. Bliss (El Paso, TX), Ft. Benning (Columbus, GA), Ft. Huachuca (Sierra Vista, AZ) and now Ft. Jackson (Columbia, SC). During some of these trips I have also been to other towns, like St. Louis where we got to go drinking and gambling on the river boats, Austin, TX where we stayed on 4th street and got to heckle Kentucky and Michigan State fans before there game last March and I also got to cross the border in Juarez, Mexico which is a total slum town, you get offered prostitutes and drugs within feet of coming off the bridge, a pimp actually walked with the group of guys I was with for about a mile eventually offering up his women for $5 American.

The whole experience over the year I have been consulting the Army has been pretty good for me, as a civilian there is some backlash towards the private sector but most of that is passed over me since I look like I used to be in boots. Most of the soldiers I encounter just assume I was a soldier and so treat me as if I were one, when they finally discover that I have never served in the military I get one of two responses: They are either shocked and let it go or start recruiting me. The recruitments aren’t too bad and I have had some good times with some of these guys, so I will forgive for being overzealous about their chosen profession. When I get home next week I am sure I will be upset that this experience is over but I am also excited for my next engagement whatever it may be.


In total I have spent approximately 3-4 years of my adult life outside of Florida and there are very few things I actually miss about it, not even the weather so much, but there are three things that I have to have when I visit. All of course are food related; LaSpada’s Subs “The Best Damn Hoagies”, Char-Hut, and Publix. Since I am not in Florida right now I can only imagine how good LaSpada’s and Char-Hut are but here in South Carolina I can go to Publix all I want. There is actually one about a mile outside the front gate of Ft. Jackson. Publix for those of you who don’t know is quite possibly the best supermarket in America; if this were a fight Publix would kick the ass of Giant, Winn-Dixie and Safeway in one quick sweep. Obviously, my first stop after checking into my hotel on Monday was Publix, not that there was much I could get since I’m in a hotel but still Publix is one of those places that no matter where it is you know where everything is. So, I get to Publix and walk around for five minutes with a huge, possibly creepy grin on my face. What can I say I was happy to be there and who wouldn’t be when there were gorgeous girls in every aisle and Publix Subs ready to be made at your command. I have been in town four days now and have been to Publix three times and have had 2 Publix subs. This whole experience reminds me of my buddy Mike’s feelings towards Target as compared to Wal-Mart, Mikey explains it like this, “At Wal-Mart you may meet a one night stand but at Target you might meet your wife.” Mike is a deep guy, that’s kind of how I view Publix compared to other stores; I may just go back again tonight.


Monday morning I had my flight out to Columbia, SC and since I got hammered on Sunday watching the SEC Championship game spending the day at the airport was the last thing I wanted to do. I also happened to pack wasted meaning I forgot important things like shorts, I brought everything else but for some reason no shorts, now the only thing I have to wear outside of work are one pair of jeans. Good thing I am staying near the Richland Mall. Anyways, back to the airport, as usual there was a delay to my flight schedule, a plane switch and a lot of confusion. I was very tempted to give up my seat and wait for a much later flight but I don’t think my employer would have appreciated that. So, I got on the original flight only on a smaller plane which meant people were booked for seats that didn’t exist, that didn’t stop me from grabbing a seat popping xanax and passing out while reading border line obscene poetry. The flight was pretty smooth, slept most of the way and landed in beautiful weather at the Columbia Airport which is nice and small. As far as airport adventures go it wasn’t too bad, the flight was short but cramped, and the delay was reasonable, actually it was pretty good compared to some of my other misadventures at airports. For instance the time I spent 13 hours in the airport in Atlanta and had my gate changed something like 6 times all while running around with the largest non-rolling carry on in the history of travel (although that is not a confirmed fact). Comparatively, Columbia airport was a great experience, getting my bags and rental car were not hard and I was out of there and on the way to my hotel in minutes.


This suburban life

Yesterday in Northern Virginia we were graced with the first really nice weather in a while. Rumor is it might snow by the end of the week so it was a good idea to get outside and enjoy the nice Spring-like weather. My roommates thought this meant driving to the mall(as in shopping mall, not the Mall with the monuments and museums) with the top down. I, however, thought this was the perfect opportunity to see exactly where I live. Sure I drive around my neighborhood all the time but everything just seems to fly by, you don't get a real feeling for the place in the seconds it takes to drive by. So, with nothing else to do I decided to walk around town with no real destination or timeframe. My friends think I am crazy, and its probably true, but I had a good time walking around for an hour or so. Here are some observations I made:
  1. The suburbs aren't really so bad, but I am just not ready for this life.
  2. The park was packed with people, again cool, but I don't have kids or a dog to go there with.
  3. Half the houses I walked by made me miss Minnesota, while the other half made me miss Florida.
  4. Don't walk through the woods in shorts unless you know what is in there. I got stuck all over by some sort of spikey vine thinger.
  5. Finally, looking back at #2. I have only confirmed that my dog rental business would be a great idea. I just need someone to invest since I obviously don't have start up capital. Anyone reading this who wants my business model for the dog rental and is prepared to fund this venture please let me know. I'll be holding my breath
Alright, thats it for today, I have a lot of packing and shopping to do. Living out of a hotel for 10 days requires a lot of preparation and I have a game to watch. Go Gators!!

SEC Men's Basketball Tourney

The Gators will be playing in their third straight SEC Championship game today. To get there they had to beat Arkansas on Friday night and LSU on Saturday afternoon. Today they will face USC who has already beaten them twice this year. Since I land in Columbia around 2 pm tomorrow it would be great to not get shit for wearing my Florida sweatshirt. Win or lose I am wearing it, I don't care what the Cocks think.

Another thing I have picked up from this conference tournament is the fact that the SEC has the absolute worst TV contract in the history of college sports. Today's game is not even on nationwide. Thankfully, it is on here but the championship game will be the first game they have shown all weekend. Friday night we watched the game at the Gator bar in VA, Theismann's, it was nothing special. The Vegas Gator club was much more fun. Saturday I watched the live feed from Yahoo, which was pretty good even though it was tiny.

Anyway, Go Gators, beat those Cocks!!!!!!!
(I may just have a gutter mind but there is something so wrong with that statement. Oh well, one of my cousins was a Cock, I guess he still is.)


And now for some good news...

With a little more than a month until my lease ends things were beginning to get interesting and very stressful. But, then like so many things in my life when they seem dark something comes out of nowhere to ease the burden. This time it was my landlord calling with an offer that he thinks is in his best interest but really it was a huge help to myself and my roommates. We will now be extending our lease at a reduced rent until July 1. By reduced I mean three of us will be paying what one of my friends is paying for her third of the rent at her place in Manhattan. This gives me and my roommate Dave plenty of time to find new projects at work and then make a better decision as to where we should move next.

Also, the flu is gone, I only had it for about 5 days and should be 100% by the time I leave for Ft. Jackson next week. It will be my first trip to Columbia, SC and I am really looking forward to it, I hear it is a fun town and should be a good time to be there with St. Patrick's day and the beginning of March Madness.

Still upset about Kirby/Baseball talk

It has been three days and I am still upset over this Kirby thing. You really don't expect to lose one of your childhood heroes when you are still young yourself. I mean I still consider myself a kid, I even watch cartoons every night.

Making matters either better or worse depending on how you look at it Canada beat the US in the WBC yesterday. I was a little apprehensive about the whole idea of the classic but I really enjoyed watching the few games I caught over the past few days. This should end up being good even if the 65 pitch count maximum is stupid.


Kirby Puckett passes away at 44

Today is a very sad day for me and baseball fans everywhere. Kirby Puckett the star center fielder for both of the Minnesota Twins World Series Championship teams died today at the age of 44. Kirby always felt he would die young given that his parents both passed on before there 50th birthdays. In the years after he was forced out of baseball due to Glaucoma he really lived his life like he wanted to fulfill his own prophecy. Eventually, Kirby's bad health habits probably contributed to the massive stroke he suffered yesterday at his home in Arizona. I have seen many pictures of Kirby in recent years but this pic at left is how I will always remember him.

Kirby Puckett was my hero before I realized there are more important people in the world than athletes. Growing up baseball was everything and the Twins were my team. I sort of remember the 1987 World Series team where Kirby made his first big impression, I know I had the T-shirt from it, but I will always remember the 1991 series. I was living in Florida who at that time did not have a baseball team so most of my classmates were Atlanta Braves fans by default. I didn't care I wore my Twins gear with pride. I watched everyone of those games and Kirby was always there to make the big play. He hit the homerun that forced game 7 and made that amazing catch over the center field wall that probably saved a few runs. Jack Morris was brilliant against the young Braves pitchers, Kent Hrbek was solid and Chuck Knoblauch was still a second baseman but it was Kirby whom I loved. Kirby wasn't your typical player, he didn't look the part, but he played with an enthusiasm and passion that made fans everywhere love him, Bob Costas even gave his first born an extra middle name for Kirby. Kirby may have done some things after his playing days were over that weren't perfect but I will remember him as the player and person who showed me that you can play like its a game even if it is a job and that you can defy your own limitations with hard work and a positive attitude.


What's up with me?

Besides being sick as a dog for the past few days there isn't much to say. But I do have some big things coming up. Tonight is the Oscars, a show I actually never watch but since it is taking my favorite Sunday night show(Grey's Anatomy) off the air I figure I will at least watch Jon Stewart's opening.

I have what could be an important phone call tomorrow afternoon, as well as a visit to the doc. I figure it can't hurt to play it safe even if I am starting to feel better. Wish me luck on both.

Other than that I have to go into the office today, I really don't feel like it but I would rather go today and get my work done in peace than deal with the mess that it will be during the week. I have to set my travel for a week from tomorrow. Book a hotel, rental car, and flight to Columbia, SC. I will be down there for two weeks providing training to the people who provide the training to some of America's finest at Ft. Jackson.

While I am down there I will be working on getting my affairs in order so that I am not at a loss when my lease runs out on April 12th. I think the plan for now is to convince my managers to let me spend some time in south Florida to be with my family. Once I have that set up I will return to move my belongings into storage and head down south until something else comes up.

Oh, and I really need to file my taxes, I have been really bad about forgetting to do that.

Natalie Portman rap

With the signatures of the Lonely Island boys all over this SNL Digital short, Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell continue to prove to be the best SNL has to offer. If you weren't tied to your bed because of the flu and missed this one last night please check out the link on You tube. This rap shows a side of the lovable little Portman that I am sure few people expected, it was really quite shocking and hilarious. Not to mention that she looks hot doing it, I really like the short hair but that is nothing new for me.

Natalie Portman rap

Matisyahu - Youth hits shelves Tuesday

The Hassidic Reggae superstar's second effort hits stores this Tuesday. If you haven't heard anything about him you must be living under a rock because he is causing quite a stir and getting a lot of buzz from music publications and even the less musically involved MTV. I have downloaded many of his live shows on, you can check them out here. Matisyahu's music has a great message to go along with his great voice.

Also coming out Tuesday is the 4th Harry Potter and Just Friends. And I really never get enough of Ryan Reynolds or Harry Potter, I haven't seen either of these films yet but I am sure I will be purchasing Harry and renting Ryan.

The Flu

After not being really sick in about 2 years the Flu hit me like a sledgehammer on Thursday afternoon. I got it all, the muscle aches, chills, fever, upset stomach and fatigue. Since Thursday I have been alternating between freezing cold and Saharan hot. Today I am finally starting to feel better, my stomach is still upset but at least my temperature is stable.


Kick the can

Since Sunday not many things have changed. My weekdays, as mentioned in an earlier post, are not very exciting. But there are always things happening that I can talk about. Monday I went back to work and of course immediately began getting bothered by people to do tasks for them, now they were my normal tasks anyway but I have a Monday routine that I like to do to work my way into the week. No need to bother me so early in the week, I always get my work done. On Tuesday I finished some things for work and basically just waited out the day until Scrubs came on. In that time I rediscovered MVP baseball for XBOX and got to discussing getting fucked over by work with my roommate. As consultants we have a very unstable work environment, we are expected to work a certain percentage of hours that are billable to a client, because of this even though we have constant paychecks we have to deal with uncertainty from contract to contract. We are also told to actively search for new engagements as our current ones are ending, sometimes this leads to situations where we inquire about a project to only find another one that would fit our lives better. In the case of my roommate he found a project that required traveling 100% for a year+, this project never committed to him, just continued asking him to hold on for weeks, without the quarantee he continued looking for a project, after all his performance is on the line if something falls through. So, he finds something better but is told by our bosses that he must take the other project. Then after all of that the project changes its mind about paying for him to travel for a year, so now he missed out on a better project and has nothing coming up.

My roommates situation brings me to my own, I am rolling off of my project on March 31st, and I currently have nothing lined up. I have began my roll-off procedures for my current project but I keep kicking the can down the road when it comes to finding something new. I know its in my best interest to find a new project and not hurt my target hours but I just can't seem to take this project search seriously. Making this even more frustrating is I have to find a new place to live and my decision will be greatly affected by the location of the project I get. So why am I putting this all off? I have no idea really, but I think I have made up my mind that my backup plan is becoming more likely and I have no problem with that.

The current backup is to put all of my things in storage, head on down to Florida and hang out until something comes up. That could mean possibly staying there for a while once on a project or moving somewhere else as soon as a project is found. Then again that could mean I stay in Florida until I find a new job, which is also a possibility. Given how pale I am I could really use a short stay in warm weather.

On a lighter note, I watched The Aristocrats last night. It was a pretty funny documentary about one very dirty joke. And now I am looking forward to this weekend when I will go see Dave Chapelle's Block Party. Take care all.

The Oscars this Sunday

I am sure I could have held this off until my Sunday post but after finding this picture yesterday I just had to put it up. To the left you will see this years Oscar host and my favorite political pundit Jon Stewart. Notice that he has always had great hair. I am just a little jealous, mostly of the hair, but the success is also sort of impressive.


After pointing out that I happened to date some lovely gentile girls while in college I came across this very funny shirt on busted tees. There was a picture of someone actually wearing the t-shirt but I really didn't like the look of them. Anyway, even though I really don't take them seriously as long term options I just wanted to show some love to all those beautiful girls who weren't lucky enough to be born into the Tribe.

"You're breaking your own rules, Bodhi"

That classic quote from the amazing action flick Point Break. That movie was graced with the brilliant thespians Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze and Gary Busey. But the reason I bring this up at all is that since I made the bold proclamation to just post on Sundays and Thursdays I have wanted to post something everyday. Of course, I haven't broken my own rules but I find it hilarious that I wanted to all week.