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"Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold..."

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I have a lot more questions than answers, but I just keep asking. I constantly want to leave, but somehow manage to stay. I am both perfectly happy and completely miserable because of it. I think I am misunderstood but that could just be a huge misunderstanding, either way I guess the best way to put it is, "I ain't often right, but I've never been wrong."


Feels like zero

After having a week a beautiful weather the cold stuff returned to Virginia. Between the cold and feeling tired all day no matter how much sleep I had the night before I was facing the day with very little motivation. I still somehow found enough to get my lazy butt to the gym. After getting there I really got in gear and put together a great workout. I am one of those sick people who loves lifting on leg day; the most dreaded day for most people has become my favorite. I have gone through many favorites in the ten years or so I have been lifting seriously, I started with Chest, and then fell in love with shoulders for a while, now its legs. Lifting so heavy on leg day has been causing some problems of late though, first of all its near impossible to buy jeans that fit since my thighs are too big, secondly when I workout legs it sends my metabolism through the roof and I can literally eat non-stop the rest of the day.

The only thing that actually got me to stop eating yesterday was drinking. As has become a Saturday night tradition my roommates and I decided to go out despite the weather. Also, another tradition we have kept is missing the train by one minute and ending up waiting outside in the cold for 20 minutes before ending up on a car with some annoying, drunk college kids. Last night was the first time I really started to think of them as kids, but when you see one girl so drunk she is laying on the floor and another one showing her thong to everyone while licking a pole you know they are definitely children. After that eventful metro ride we got to the bar where we would be meeting a bunch of our friends. Clarendon Grill had an awesome band playing (Lauralea and Tripp Fabulous) the lead singer had one of the widest ranges I had ever heard live, covering songs from all sorts of genres. All in all a really good scene, decent drink prices and good friends, although one of our friends decided that staying in to watch the Powerball drawing was more important than coming out. He didn'’t win by the way; the winning ticket was sold in Nebraska.

At the end of the night we left the bar with a relatively reasonable bar tab of $160, some serious munchies and freezing temperatures awaiting us. We said our goodbyes, grabbed our coats, then headed back to the metro, where one of my roommates thought it would be a good idea to relieve himself on the platform, I am not sure if anyone saw because I was too busy calling people to tell them how ridiculous the situation had gotten. After catching our train we actually got off two stops early to run off the train and grab food and use a civilized restroom before getting back on and finally coming home. The food from 7-11 was nowhere near enough to satisfy us so we decided to cook everything in the freezer at 3 am. The list was a good one although I am disgusted by it:

3 Totino's Pizzas (2 pepperoni, 1 cheese)

3 Corndogs

½ a pan of French fries

½ a pan of Tater tots

as well as a few more beers.

After all that I put on some Sealab and went to bed. At the end of the night it felt like zero outside but I felt like a million bucks(or if you prefer a million crispy chicken nuggets) when I hit my bed.


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