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Ariel Sharon

My greatest concern since I read of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's second stroke was for his health and his family. Say what you will about his flaws, and he did have many, but the man was a force and it is a shame to see such a force taken down like this. Since first hearing of the stroke last night there have been many mixed reports, some saying the PM had already passed but as far as we know he is still fighting although may be severely brain damaged. It is obvious that his political life is over and the prospects of a normally functioning retirement are also most likely gone should he survive. On a personal level I saw my grandfather go through this and live a shell of his own life for the few years after, so this strikes a chord with me and makes me feel terrible for him and his family. My prayers are certainly with them.

With many mixed emotions and concerns I have spent a lot of time looking over the internet and catching updates on television. What I have found has made me very sad for the prospects of peace in Israel and the conscience of some evangelical leaders. Starting with Pat Robertson, that nut job has the nerve to blame anything bad that happens on the people it happens to. G-d does not punish people who are trying desperately for peace by giving land to an impoverished people. G-d does not punish poor people in New Orleans because of what the tourists go there to do. It amazes me that this man is still on television and that people actually still listen to him.

Unfortunately, there was more negativity to be spewed through the media. The President of Iran threw his opinion on the air saying he hopes Sharon dies. Then they go to a nice video feed of children passing out candy in Gaza to celebrate the possible passing of Ariel Sharon. The lovely feed ends in what I assume was a young Palestinian man saying, "He should have had to die painfully." Isn't that sweet. After all these years that Israel has been a modern State in the middle east the old saying is still true: There will only be peace when the Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews.

What happens next in Israel is now a great unknown but for now my thoughts and prayers remain with Ariel Sharon.


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