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Oh, Democracy

Here in the US we are blessed with what many believe is the best form of government in the world. We have all the freedoms anyone could ask for within reasonable limits. However, over the past couple of years the criticism of criticism in politics has grown so loud that it almost makes one wonder what happened to the civic duty of questioning your government. Specifically, the constant bashing by members of the right whenever a politician from the left speaks out against Iraq and the policies of the current Presidency. As someone whose politics lean more to the left than the right and as someone who supports the administrations moves against terrorism I find the questioning of the questioners ridiculous. What is wrong with debate? These debates need to take place, and they can not be shot down immediately by half of the political spectrum by saying that any questioning of the President is undermining to his agenda or it hurts our soldiers by speaking out against the war in Iraq. First off, I think as a country we do a very good job of showing support for our troops and I think it is in their interest that politicians speak out in such ways.

But, if it is un-American to question our governments actions consider this. In Israel, Arab members of the Knesset, similar to our house of representatives, have spoken out not only against Israeli policy but against Israel itself. One, MK Bishara, called Israel the 20th Century's greatest robbery and another, MK Barakeh, spoke out on his support of Syria and his hope that Syria will hasten the establishment of Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. The very same Jerusalem that is the Capital of the Jewish State. Bishara is a member of an Israeli democratic government speaking out against the democratic system and the Israeli state. Amazingly, the exact government that this moron is speaking out against is the only one in the world that wont't have you arrested for treason when you speak out in such a way. If you spoke out like this in Saddams's Iraq or in Iran you and your whole family might be dead in the morning.

I think what we need to remember in our great democracies is that words can be tolerated as long as they dont lead to treasonous actions. We are so lucky that we live without the fear that our thoughts will be silenced. And, so we should stop taking for granted what other people have to say or immediately silencing those we disagree with. Instead, lets be thankful for the freedom to disagree in a country where are free to do so. Because, in the end a war on words is about as dumb as a war on Christmas.

This is after all the First Amendment.


Anonymous Schwee Gators said...

When certain comments are ridiculous, like John Kerry saying our troops terrorize Iraqi women and children and Howard Dean saying the war is lost, it is in the best interest of the opposition (in this case, the Republicans) to showcase unpopular statements; good politics (if that's an oxymoron, politics); however, when SERIOUS Democrats, like Murtha, make absurd suggestions--redeployment to Okinawa?--it would be irresponsible not to shoot down his argument. Every rebuttle of that idea had a preamble that went something like this: "Murtha is a hero, an honorable person, etc..." Hardly censorship. For the sake of the mission, which most Republicans believe, and the troops, vocal and unrelenting noise is a good way to go. It's only against the first amendment if we forbid Democrats to speak, not if we make them look stupid in front of everyone. Calling them un-American isn't an argument, but it's enough for the idiots who watch Fox/MSNBC/CNN only.

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